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100% Genuine Great Design Pearl Ring


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The history of Pearl Jewelry

There were pearls on the earth 200 million years ago. The international gemstone community also lists pearls as lucky stones for birth in June, and commemorative stones for the 13th and 30th anniversary of marriage. "Pearls are priceless and jade is flawless." Throughout the ages, pearls have always symbolized wealth, happiness, happiness and nobility. In feudal society, dignitaries use pearls to represent status, power, money, and honorable status, while common people use pearls to symbolize happiness, peace and good fortune. Therefore, whether wealth is like a royal family or ordinary like a common citizen, pearls always occupy a pivotal position in jewelry. Organic gemstone pearls often have powerful effects. It is said that wearing pearl jewelry has a calming and calming effect. Regardless of the effect of pearl jewellery, just the round pearl shape, the colorful pearl luster will make you fascinated.

Some Tips On Keeping Pearl Jewelry

Anti-Acid Corrosion:

In order to prevent the luster and color of pearls from being affected, try not to expose pearls to acids, alkalis and chemicals, such as perfume, soap, styling water, etc. Therefore, you should always wear pearls after applying makeup.

Away From The Kitchen:

There are tiny pores on the surface of the pearl, so it is not suitable for it to inhale the polluted substances in the air. Pearls can absorb substances such as hair spray and perfume. In the kitchen, be careful that pearls inhale oil, steam and oily smoke may penetrate into the pearls, causing the pearls to turn yellow.

Soft Wiping:

After wearing pearls every time (especially on days when you sweat easily), you must wipe the pearls clean before putting them away to keep the luster of the pearls from being corroded by body oil and sweat. It is best to use delicate flannel cloth when wiping. Don't use facial paper, because the friction of some facial paper will wear the pearls.

Avoid Exposure To The Sun:

Because pearls contain a certain amount of water, they should be placed in a cool place, avoid direct exposure to the sun, or put them in a place that is too dry to avoid dehydration and loss of luster.

Needs Air:

Do not put pearls in a safe or jewelry box for a long time, and do not use plastic bags to seal them. Fresh air is needed between the pearls, and they are worn every few months to let them breathe. Pearls will easily turn yellow if left in a box for a long time

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