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Why jade jewelry are kept to escape inflation?

Why precious jade jewelry are treated as family heirloom?
hetian jade pendant
Natural Grade A Jade-
Ice Type Jade Ruyi Pendant
[Jade Number] lm7
[Size] 42.5x27.0x6.3 (mm)
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hetian jade pendant
Natural Grade A Jade-
Ice Deep Green Jade Buddha
[Jade Number] mb7
[Size]38x25x8.2 (mm)
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red white hetian jade jewelry
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[Number] js073
[Size] 66x56x28 (mm)
[Weight] 170g
[Color] Red Skin White Jade Body
[Quantity] Only One
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Hotan jade, an outstanding representative of China jade, own gentle texture, noble quality,moist tender feel,like a trippingly gentleman. for thousands years it has been given the quality of human nature, to the level of "people as jade, jade as people,". Get one great natural China jade seed in your own room to enjoy the artist conception it shows,will make you sigh with deep emotion “A jade in hand, this life have no regrets!”

Hetan seed material from the ancient times the mountains of Kunlun jade material from Kunlun mountain have been weathered off then being washed into the riverbed, after long years of erosion they form into the jade seed which own smooth feel,great texture,good skin, moisturizing touch and different color.

This China jade seed have the good red skin,pure white color,why not to own this precious China jade to enjoy the jade life?

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Our Jade fine jewelry are mainly sold in China-our local market.our local market is big enough to sell our large part of jade products,so in order for you to get your loved jade jewelry,you can learn about our jade products first to select the jade jewelry you love then contact us to check whether that jade jewelry is available.Our jade products on-line is just for reference.Our advantage is to get customised jade for you.
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