How To Choose Pearl Jewelry?

Pearl is familiar in the jewelry industry, then the pearl itself is also good or bad, what should we pay attention to when buying?...

Hetian Seed Jade Identification By Appearance, Skin Color, Etc

  The Hetian jade seed material is a kind of geese-like jade that has been weathered and detached from the Kunlun Mountains in ancient times...

What style of jade jewelry to choose to give as gift?

What style of jade jewelry to choose to give as gift? "In view of endless wonders, possession of the priceless" which is the high appraisal...

How To Distinguish The True And False Of Colored Diamonds

Like ordinary colorless diamonds, colored diamonds are also graded, even with natural and synthetic points. Through certain technical means, people can make their own...

What Should I Pay Attention To When Maintaining And Protecting Pearls?

The pearl is beautiful, warm and elegant, and is known as the Queen of Jewelry. The Queen needs to be carefully cared for, and...

The Beauty Of Jade Inlay, The Temptation You Can’t Resist

For oriental women, jade has a mysterious temptation. The exquisite jade inlay technique combines the oriental classical and western fashion elements to highlight the...

What’s Jade?

Chinese Jade Article and it’s significant in China

Chinese Jade Article and it's significant in China Jade articles have played a very important part in the ancient Chinese civilization and the Chinese jade...

The ways to maintain and keep jade jewelry

The ways to maintain and keep jade jewelry Now that you have purchased the jade jewelry,then you must cherish it a you should learn...

Five Indicators To Identify Pearl Quality

Diamonds have 4C standards. The quality of pearls can also be evaluated according to the size, luster, surface flaw, shape and color of pearls....


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How To Judge The Pros And Cons Of Jadeite Jade Color

Jadeite jade began to flow into China, and it is loved by deep audiences. Whether it is the elderly or young people, collectors or...

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Jade Bangle Maintenance Methods And Precautions For Jade Bangle

How to maintain jadeite jade bangle Maintenance methods and precautions for jade bangles The jadeite jade bangle is a traditional Chinese ornament and a very...

What Is The Meaning Of Hetian Jade Pendant?

  Hetian white jade is generally peaceful and Hetian jade is very gentle, so it is the gentleness of the word "Wenrun" which can sum...

The Darker The Color Of The Jadeite Jade Is, The Better?

The primary factor determining the value of jadeite jade is the color of jade. A jade is not particularly good for water, but if...

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