The quality of diamond cuts can directly affect the appearance of diamonds, especially the fires released by diamonds will be deeply affected, so now consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality of cuts while pursuing the weight of diamonds. The higher the cut ratio, the more beautiful the diamond, because it can reflect and refract light....

What To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Value-For-Money Diamond

Diamonds have always been loved by consumers, especially female friends. They are even more fond of diamonds. Not only do female friends like to wear them, but some people use diamonds to invest. Since...

The Role And Efficacy Of Mutton Fat White Hetian Jade

The white fat jade is the best jade in Hetian jade. The jade is warm and delicate, strong in oil and grease, pure in texture, very precious and rare. At present, the market price...

Why Jade Jewelry Is Appropriate For You To Wear In Winder?

The winter has arrived, everyone uses thick clothes and wraps them up in a tight manner. It seems that the jewelry is entirely invisible. It will naturally use more clothes when it is cold...

How To Judge The Pros And Cons Of Jadeite Jade Color

Jadeite jade began to flow into China, and it is loved by deep audiences. Whether it is the elderly or young people, collectors or people who buy and wear them are all fascinated by...

The ways to maintain and keep jade jewelry

The ways to maintain and keep jade jewelry Now that you have purchased the jade jewelry,then you must cherish it a you should learn to keep it carefully.In order for you to own one...

The Five Meanings Of The Jade Gourd

As one of the oldest mascots of the Chinese nation, the gourd is loved by people as one very important jade jewelry pendant design. Jade carving artists use the actual plant hoist as a sample to...

Hetian Jade Purchase Density Vs Chromaticity Which Is More Important?

  Hetian jade is the strongest of the natural minerals found so far, but some agate or jade looks more oily. In this way, it is not too much trouble to completely distinguish between Hetian...

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