The ways to maintain and keep jade jewelry Now that you have purchased the jade jewelry,then you must cherish it a you should learn to keep it carefully.In order for you to own one great jade fine jewelry for long time,here we will provide some fundamental ways for you to keep you jade jewelry.Having purchased a jade article is...

Hetian Jade’s Six Characteristics Identification

Jade, mainly divided into jadeite and nephrite, jadeite refers to jadeite, the so-called jade in Chinese tradition refers to nephrite, as a rare treasure in nephrite. Different colors, textures, and values ​​are also very...

how many kinds of skin color does hetian jade-seed material have

The various skin colors of Hetian jade are chemical reactions that have undergone tens of millions of years of geological movement and are external features of the seed material. Skin color can be used...

How To Choose Pearl Jewelry?

Pearl is familiar in the jewelry industry, then the pearl itself is also good or bad, what should we pay attention to when buying? First look at the size, shape, color, luster, whether they...

The Beauty Of Jade Inlay, The Temptation You Can’t Resist

For oriental women, jade has a mysterious temptation. The exquisite jade inlay technique combines the oriental classical and western fashion elements to highlight the charm of jade jewelry. The luster of the metal blends...

What Is The Meaning Of Hetian Jade Pendant?

  Hetian white jade is generally peaceful and Hetian jade is very gentle, so it is the gentleness of the word "Wenrun" which can sum up the characteristics of Hetian jade. Wenrun Ruyu is the...

How To Match Jade Jewelry And Diamond Jewelry

In the treasures of Empress Dowager Cixi, it was discovered that in addition to the love of jade, the Western Queen Mother also likes crystal clear diamonds. In her funerary objects, there is a...

How To Buy Cost-Effective Citrine

Because the brightness and chroma are very good, as long as it is transparent and smooth, it is called the top grade, and it is far more transparent than the topaz. Therefore, it is...

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