What are the main aspects of diamond classification? There are many gemstones, diamonds are also one of them, and diamonds can be divided into different types of diamonds according to many aspects, such as color and shape. Many people don't understand the main aspects of diamond classification. Let's take a look with JOJO! What are the main aspects of diamond...

What Are The Meanings Of Hetian Jade Lotus Pendant?

The lotus has the reputation of "the gentleman in the flower", the flowers are delicate, the flowers are overflowing, and the lungs are ridiculous. With the symbol of beauty, love, longevity, and holiness, the...

How to Measure the Bangle Size

How to Measure the Bangle Size When you plan to buy one bangle,then you have to know your appropriate bangle size first, the following way can measure your bangle size exactly. First, let your thumb reach...

How To Judge The Pros And Cons Of Jadeite Jade Color

Jadeite jade began to flow into China, and it is loved by deep audiences. Whether it is the elderly or young people, collectors or people who buy and wear them are all fascinated by...

Some jade bangle knowledge you should know

Some jade bangle knowledge you should know Jade bangle is one of the most basic wristlet since the ancient times. Jade bangle entered people's lives as early as the Neolithic era, but different periods own...

What Are The Four Famous Jade In China?

  We know that Hetian jade is the first of the four famous jade in China. So what are the four famous jade in China? What is the ranking of China's four famous jade? Here...

Hetian Jade Purchase Density Vs Chromaticity Which Is More Important?

  Hetian jade is the strongest of the natural minerals found so far, but some agate or jade looks more oily. In this way, it is not too much trouble to completely distinguish between Hetian...

How To Identify The True And False Of Jade Pendant

  Nowadays, the jade and jade on the market are exquisite, and many friends also like it very much. But, do you really know jade? Today, we will start from the basics, teach you how...

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