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What Is The Emerald Phoenix And What Does It Mean?

Jade Phoenix is ​​not as majestic and majestic as Jade Dragon and Jade Pixiu, but its beauty is more kind and mysterious. Its beautiful...

Factors To Consider When Buying An Emerald Inlaid Ring

Jadeite ring is a common kind of jadeite jewelry in jadeite. The jadeite ring made of jadeite can be roughly divided into two categories....

The Benefits Of Jade Inlays

Jadeite, also known as jadeite jade, jade and other names. In the long history of thousands of years in China, the use of jadeite...

Is The Color Of Jadeite The Darker The Better?

The primary factor that determines the value of jadeite is the color of jadeite. Even if a piece of jadeite is not very good...

What Is The Difference Between Ice Jade And Ordinary Jade?

Many times, comparing women to jade, especially good-looking women, is easier to associate with jade. There are many kinds of jadeite, such as ice...

How To Buy Pearl Jewelry?

Pearls are very familiar in the jewelry industry, so there are also advantages and disadvantages of pearls themselves. What aspects should we pay attention...

What To Pay Attention To In The Maintenance And Protection Of Pearls?

Pearls are beautiful, warm and elegant, and are known as the Queen of Jewelry. Queens need careful care, and pearls are no exception. Because...

Do You Know The Four Do’s And Don’ts Of Pearl Maintenance?

From the point of view of use and maintenance, pearls are notoriously fragile. If you want to avoid the situation of "old pearls yellowing",...

Pearl Necklace Protects The Most Beautiful You

Pearls symbolize health, purity, wealth and happiness and have been loved by people since ancient times. Many brides will choose pearls as wedding accessories,...

Five indicators to identify pearl quality

There are 4C standards for diamonds, and the quality of pearls can also be evaluated according to the size, luster, surface defects, shape, color,...

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