What To Pay Attention To In The Maintenance And Protection Of Pearls?

pearl jewelry

Pearls are beautiful, warm and elegant, and are known as the Queen of Jewelry. Queens need careful care, and pearls are no exception. Because pearls are formed of calcium carbonate containing mechanism, they have poor chemical stability and are soluble in acids and alkalis, so they are not suitable for contact with perfume, oil, salt, alcohol, hair cream, vinegar and dirt in daily life. There are many points to pay attention to in maintenance and protection.

Anti-acid corrosion:

In order to avoid affecting the luster and color of the pearls, try not to let the pearls come into contact with acids, alkalis and chemicals, such as perfumes, soaps, styling water, etc., so usually everyone should wear pearls after makeup.

Away from the kitchen:

There are tiny pores on the surface of the pearl, so it is not suitable for it to inhale the dirty substances in the air. Pearls will absorb substances like hairspray, perfume, etc. In the kitchen, be careful of pearls inhaling oil, steam and oil fumes may penetrate into the pearls, causing the pearls to turn yellow.

Cashmere cloth serving:

Every time you wear pearls (especially in the days when you are prone to sweating in summer), you must wipe the pearls before putting them away, so as to keep the luster of the pearls from being eroded by body oils and sweat. When wiping, it is best to use sheepskin or fine flannel, not tissue paper, because the friction of some tissue papers will wear the pearls.

Avoid sun exposure:

Because pearls contain a certain amount of water, pearls should be placed in a cool place, try to avoid direct sunlight, or place them in a place that is too dry, so as to avoid dehydration and tarnishing of pearls.

Requires air:

Do not keep pearls in safes or jewelry boxes for a long time, and do not seal them with plastic bags. Pearls need fresh air, and they have to be taken out and worn every few months to allow them to breathe. Pearls easily turn yellow if placed in a box for a long time