What Is The Emerald Phoenix And What Does It Mean?

Jade pendant

Jade Phoenix is ​​not as majestic and majestic as Jade Dragon and Jade Pixiu, but its beauty is more kind and mysterious. Its beautiful and noble, simple and elegant image has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In the beautiful jade color or the beautiful story in the jade, thousands of miles of clear autumn fields are harvested, and the twilight is sinking into the river tower. The jade pot is bright and clean, and the flowing scenery is like a dream, so why worry? Looking forward to the fleeting years, Cuiyuan is hard to find, or it is also rare. Just like the phoenix, how many people hope to have the amazing appearance of the phoenix. As the king of white birds, perhaps people only know its beautiful and extraordinary appearance, but they do not know the pain of rebirth from the ashes.

Emerald Phoenix

It is said that the phoenix will only appear in times of peace and prosperity, and every time of peace, there will be phoenixes coming. Or is it that, in times of unrest, it was the Phoenix that rushed to the ashes in order to seek peace in the world. Phoenix is ​​the messenger of happiness in the world. Such a statement adds a kindness and a great mystery to the Phoenix. The phoenix on the emerald jade must be the most beautiful moment, that look. Ninety percent of Xiao Shao, Phoenix came to the ceremony. The phoenix has been the most popular mascot since ancient times. The emerald phoenix has the meaning of being strong and brave, sweet in love, and happy in life.

The emerald phoenix came from the jade, with a graceful figure, a small phoenix mouth, and agile lines, like strenuously flying to the sun in the distance, just to bring new hope to the world. Jade Phoenix is ​​a collection of the five virtues of Shun, Righteousness, Virtue, Faith and Benevolence. As the King of White Birds, Jade Phoenix is ​​simple, generous, dignified and elegant. It is always a posture ready to go, always ready to carry happiness.

The meaning of the emerald phoenix

1. It is rare. Phoenix is ​​one of the “Four Spirits”, the king of birds, with boundless mana, symbolizing outstanding talents and outstanding abilities.

2. Phoenix Sunrise. The jadeite is carved into two phoenixes surrounding the sun, showing the people’s yearning for a better life, implying peace and a good life in the world.

3. The phoenixes fly together, and the husband and wife are harmonious. Phoenix is ​​a general term for male and female. The male is the phoenix and the female is the phoenix. The two phoenixes flying together are carved on a piece of jade, which means the husband and wife are of one heart and one heart.

4. Phoenix Nirvana, reborn from ashes. The phoenix is ​​a mythical bird in ancient Chinese legends. It can be reborn from ashes, showing a strong vitality that goes around again and again.

5. The dragon and the phoenix are auspicious. Dragon and phoenix totems have been respected by people since ancient times. In ancient times, there were dragon and phoenix pairings. Today, there are also various ornaments that combine dragon and phoenix. Especially in marriage, such mascots are particularly important, which means that people who have a good relationship will be married.

6. Hundred birds face the phoenix. The dynasties of the past dynasties, and even the common people, believed that the phoenix was a symbol of status, and the “phoenix crown” was the special thing of the queen, representing the supreme power. It is also often used to describe the extraordinary status of the phoenix, implying prominent status and official transport. prosperous.