What Is The Difference Between Ice Jade And Ordinary Jade?

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Many times, comparing women to jade, especially good-looking women, is easier to associate with jade. There are many kinds of jadeite, such as ice jadeite, which has a good texture and is as crystal clear as ice. So, what are the differences between ice jadeite and ordinary jadeite?

What is the difference between ice jade and ordinary jade

If you want to know how to identify ice jade in jade, you must first understand what kind of jade is ice jade. Ice jade is a kind of crystal that is similar in appearance, like ice, especially clear and transparent, and if it is struck with something, the sound is particularly crisp.

Ice-type jadeite and glass-type jadeite have certain similarities, but ice-type jadeite is clearer, free of impurities, and looks more promising. The particles, impurities, cracks, etc. in glass-type jadeite can be seen, and they are also relatively visible. clear. This is a method of how to identify ice jadeite in jadeite.

It is also necessary to understand how to identify ice jade and diamonds in jade. Because there are some similarities between the two. Diamonds cannot see impurities under the naked eye, while ice jadeite can clearly see the internal structure and impurities inside. Most people can also distinguish between emeralds and diamonds.

Many people think that the quality of ice jadeite is not good if you can see the impurities in it with the naked eye. In fact, it is not. The focus of looking at a piece of jade is not on impurities, but on major aspects, such as shape, color, etc. This is one aspect of how to identify jade.