The Benefits Of Jade Inlays

Jade pendant

Jadeite, also known as jadeite jade, jade and other names. In the long history of thousands of years in China, the use of jadeite has not been interrupted, and it has continued to this day, which is even more precious because of this. Moreover, in so many years of use, people also have a new method of use. For example, the new way of wearing jadeite inlay is a new idea that people come up with, which can make jadeite have more uses and more styles.

The benefits of jade inlay

Although jadeite is precious, jadeite has its own limitations. Jadeite is jade, so its plasticity is relatively poor, and the style of jadeite is destined to not be too many, especially the jadeite as an accessory, the style is even less. In order to make jadeite have more styles and styles, there is a saying of jadeite inlay. The inlay of jadeite can make jadeite have more styles and allow people to have more choices, thereby increasing the price of jadeite. When inlaying jadeite, you should pay attention to the material of the jadeite. It should not be too shabby, but it should not overwhelm the guest and reduce the value of the jadeite. When choosing materials, you must choose carefully, you can’t ignore one or the other, and you must consider many aspects.

For jade setting, Perkin and 18k gold are the best choices to set off emeralds. There is also a good name for such a combination: gold inlaid jade, using platinum or 18k gold to set off the jade, also symbolizing the good relationship between gold and jade, is the combination of Chinese and Western cultures. In this way, it can not only show the subtle beauty of jadeite, but also show the dignity of platinum, which is worth trying.