How To Buy Pearl Jewelry?

pearl jewelry

Pearls are very familiar in the jewelry industry, so there are also advantages and disadvantages of pearls themselves. What aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing? First of all, look at the size, shape, color, and gloss, whether they are combined properly and naturally, whether there are obvious flaws on the surface, and whether its gloss is emerging from the inside.

How to choose pearl jewelry

1. Color: Distinguish light colors by body color: pink, white, cream, etc.; the best reflected light in light colors is pink. Black series: black, dark green, blue, purple, etc. Among them, black pearls have the best quality with green reflected light. In addition to the above-mentioned colors, there are peach, yellow, gold and so on.

2. Luster: It has a lot to do with the density of the nacre, and those with tight texture are more able to exude a bright and moving brilliance. Whether the texture is tight or not depends on the water temperature. The lower the water temperature, the slower the growth rate and the denser the texture; the higher the water temperature, the faster the growth rate, the looser the texture and the less glossy. Taking Japanese cultured pearls and South Sea pearls as examples, the seawater temperature in Japan is low, and the nacre layer grows about 1.5mm per year.

3. Thickness of nacre: The thicker the nacre, in addition to the better skin light, if there is any abrasion, the nodules in the center will not be exposed immediately. The ideal thickness of the bead layer is about 4.5mm to 5mm.

4. Shape: Round beads have always been the most popular, but in recent years, pear-shaped pearls have become more and more popular, and deformed beads have often become beautiful accessories through the ingenuity of designers.

5. Defects: The size, location and obviousness of defects must be considered, which directly affect their value.

6. Work: The first consideration is the compatibility of the pearls and the compatibility of the materials used and the pearls. On closer inspection, the size of the drill hole is also one of the factors that affects the price.

7. Size: Although the size of the beads is a major factor affecting the price, it is even more rare for the pearls to be uniform and commensurate in color and size for a whole string of necklaces; so it is not difficult for us to understand, How can a whole string of pearl necklaces be so expensive?