Factors To Consider When Buying An Emerald Inlaid Ring

Jade ring

Jadeite ring is a common kind of jadeite jewelry in jadeite. The jadeite ring made of jadeite can be roughly divided into two categories. One is inlaid with diamonds, K gold, etc. to make jadeite inlaid rings. Consumers’ favorite; another kind of ring carved into the shape of a ring with emerald jade, becoming a ring finger, this type of ring has a strong retro flavor. What are the factors to consider when buying a jadeite inlaid ring?

Factors to consider when buying an emerald inlaid ring

1. For the jade ring face of the jade inlaid ring, the most important thing is the color. The color of the ring face will directly affect the beauty of the ring and its price. Therefore, when choosing the jadeite jade for making the ring face, the color must be pure and free of color.

2. In addition to color, the type of ring face is also very important. Whether it is wearing or collecting, when choosing a jadeite inlaid ring, you must pay attention to whether the jadeite ring surface can emit lustrous jade, and the jadeite ring surface with light is relatively more valuable.

3. In addition, the shape of the ring face of the jade inlaid ring is also an object to be referenced. Although the shape of the jadeite ring surface has no fixed style, it can be egg-shaped, marquise, square, etc., but no matter what shape the jadeite ring surface is, the fuller the ring surface, the better, and the larger the particles, the higher the value.

4. Finally, when buying a jadeite inlaid ring, you must carefully observe whether there are cracks, white cotton, black spots and other defects on the surface of the jadeite ring. If there are such shortcomings, even if the species, color, etc. are very good, this jade inlaid ring will be greatly reduced.

Although the jadeite jade on the jadeite inlaid ring is small, it is very valuable. It combines the beauty of jade and is the most brilliant part of jade. After getting started, it will show a mysterious, elegant and noble temperament as people inadvertently raise their hands.