Hetian Seed Jade Identification By Appearance, Skin Color, Etc



The Hetian jade seed material is a kind of geese-like jade that has been weathered and detached from the Kunlun Mountains in ancient times and has been washed and abraded by the river for a long time. It is only produced in the river bank of Hetian County, Xinjiang, and is the only true genus of Hetian jade. It not only produces scarce, but also good quality; compared to the mountain jade extracted from the Kunlun Mountains, the texture of the seed jade is more delicate, moist, dense and hard. In particular, its natural layer of ochre skin is colorful and pleasing to the eye. It has the unique charm that Yamagata can’t match. It is no wonder that people who love Yuzang jade regard the seed material as a treasure, and are listed as the first choice!

Among the various seed jade, the most abundant green seed jade, its collection value is far less than the rare white seed jade and yellow seed material, ink color seed material. Even without any carvings, it is invaluable. Of course, if the good seed material, the carving is rough, it will also reduce its value!

Most of the seed jade (seed material) has more outer skin color, such as sprinkling gold skin, jujube skin, autumn pear skin and so on. But they all have the characteristics inherent in seed jade (seed).

Characteristic one, Xinjiang seed jade (seed material), thin skin, and has the luster of oil. The thickness of the skin is generally below 0.2-0.3 mm, and the Russian seed jade (seed material) is slightly thicker.

Characteristic 2, the seed jade (seed material) without skin and skinless original stone under the 10 times magnifying glass to observe the surface of the human body like a pore-like pit. Fake seed jade (seed) is not possible. Therefore, the eagle must always leave a little skin or retain the seed jade (seed) characteristics during the carving process.

Feature 3: The skin surface of the seed jade (seed material) is intuitively distributed in a piece or point. However, when observed under a magnifying glass of 10 times, it will be seen that there are spots of sesame-like different shades in the same color of the epidermis. Baked skin, dyed fake seeds can not be done.

Characteristic 4, the density of seed jade (seed material) is large, and the density of most seed jade (seed material) is above 3.0.

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