What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Jade?



What are the benefits of wearing jade jewelry? Wearing jade is not only because it can play a beautiful decoration, it can also promote human health, but also has a certain collection value and preservation.

Jade is one of the most important jewels in Chinese culture. Nowadays, jade jewelry is no longer just a patent worn by the elderly. More and more young girls are beginning to wear this mysterious and prevailing millennium jewelry, especially the jade bracelet. It has become an eternal fashion accessory. Why is jade jewelry so popular? What are the benefits of wearing jade? The following small series will tell you from three aspects: “beauty, health, value preservation”

The benefits of wearing jade

1, the benefits of wearing jade: beautiful

Among all the natural jade in nature, the color of the green is the most colorful. It combines all the colors and transitional color sequences of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple in the seven-color spectrum. Due to the difference of “species”, the color of the jadeite is further colored, bright and soft. More fickle, emerald color, good hardness, strong brightness, each product is unique, so that people can not put it down. Wearing jade has a very beautiful decorative aesthetic, the color of jade is most suitable for the oriental skin color, noble and elegant, fashion classic.

The benefits of wearing jade

2, the benefits of wearing jade: health care

Natural jade contains a variety of minerals necessary for the human body, mainly sodium oxide, aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, etc., the so-called “people raise jade for three years, jade raises a lifetime”, because wearing a bracelet is direct In contact with the skin, the natural jade has the saying of “Ten Treasures and Nine Cracks”. This is because most of the natural jade is cracked. It can absorb the body fluids of the human body. The minerals can nourish people for a lifetime. The benefits are self-evident. .

The benefits of wearing jade

3, the benefits of wearing jade: heal

Natural jade has a certain collection value and value preservation, and jade raw materials are rising steadily. One of the reasons is that jade resources are becoming less and less. The second is that jade has become the beginning of green fashion, and more and more people love natural jade. In particular, the jade-grade jade is hard to find, and the price of high-end jade products has been repeatedly high. The appreciation is fast, and other types of investment such as antiques, stamps and paintings are incomparable. High, can be used as an ordinary jewelry, but also has a certain rate of appreciation.

The benefits of wearing jade

The benefits of wearing jade (4)

In addition to the above three points, the advantage of wearing jade has the advantage of “good meaning”. Jade can protect evil spirits. China has a jade culture of 6,000 years. It has a long history and profound knowledge. There is a lack of yin and clear, put on jade jade to protect your life and happiness, such as business is booming, you can bless your career, or business is booming, prosperous and rich. In addition, Dai Yu is a symbol of identity and morality. In ancient times, there was a gentleman who was like a jade; a gentleman like a jade, and a beautiful scent.

Through the introduction of JOJO, you should have a certain understanding of the benefits of wearing jade jewelry, jade jewelry is a high-grade jade, valuable, so we must pay attention when wearing it.

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