Hetian Jade Purchase Density Vs Chromaticity Which Is More Important?



Hetian jade is the strongest of the natural minerals found so far, but some agate or jade looks more oily. In this way, it is not too much trouble to completely distinguish between Hetian jade or jade or agate or other similar jade by the naked eye.

When you buy jade, everyone will encounter the same problem. I don’t know how to buy Hetian jade. What indicators should be valued, whether color is more important or the density of jade is more important. This question is a common question about buying Hetian jade. It is also a benevolent person who sees the wise and sees wisdom. I can only say that in selecting indicators, I pay more attention to the density of Hetian jade.



The focus on Hetian jade density is because density is the key to determining whether or not Hetian jade oil is moist or not. Generally, the higher the density, the better the lubricity of jade oil. It looks like a layer of grease on the surface, but this layer of grease is from inside. What is revealed outside is how you can’t wipe it with a cloth. The high-density jade will have a better toughness and a stronger ability to fight, because its jade structure is more fixed and the jade fiber is more tightly bonded. For example: high-density jade is like a piece of dough. It’s soft when you’ve finished it, and you press a deep pit, but as your time is shorter, the face will become more and more natural. The more power you need to use during the kneading process. As you work harder, the dough becomes more and more porcelain. This is a manifestation of the increasing density of dough. This is also true for Hetian jade, so I think density is a key factor in choosing jade indicators.


Hetian jade purchase density vs chromaticity which is more important

Hetian jade purchase density vs chromaticity which is more important


Hetian jade density query needs to look at four aspects

The first is the first sense. As mentioned above, the surface of the high-density jade has a strong oily feel, which makes people feel that there is a layer of grease on the outside, which shows a shine. Secondly, the surface of the jade is tilted to the side of the sun or other light, to observe the structural characteristics of the near surface of the jade, the jade with a loose density, we can see the grain structure of the near surface of the jade or the linear structure of the fiber, with water Some feelings. The high-density jade can’t see or basically see the fiber (particle) structure inside the jade when the side is viewed from the light source. What you see is a whole, the interior is more even and detailed, and the jade fiber is tightly combined. If the light source is not good, you can prepare a flashlight yourself and use the flashlight as a light source to observe it yourself, but note that the light source of the flashlight can’t be close to the jade, the light can’t be straight to the eye, otherwise the too strong light is not easy. Seeing the structure inside the jade and stabbing the eyes, the eyes are photographed and you can’t see the jade.



Hetian jade conservation knowledge:

1. Avoid collision with hard objects

Although the hardness of jade is high, it is easy to crack after collision. Sometimes, although the crack is not visible to the naked eye, the molecular structure inside the jade has been damaged and there are dark cracks, which greatly impairs its perfection and economic value.

2. Avoid dust as much as possible.

If there is dust on the surface of the jade, it should be cleaned with a soft brush; if dirt or oil stains are attached to the surface of the jade, it should be washed with warm light soapy water and then rinsed with water. Do not use chemical degreasers. If the jade is very finely carved and the dust has not been removed for a long time, please clean and maintain the professional factory and company that produce jade.

3. Try to avoid contact with perfume.

Seed jade and ancient jade have a transformation process that requires human body temperature to help, and sweat makes it more translucent, so seed jade and ancient jade can be in contact with sweat because human sweat contains salt, volatile fatty acids and urea. It can make the surface of seed jade and ancient jade be reborn, and it will become more and more moist. The new jade touches too much sweat, but it will damage the outer layer, affecting its original vividness, especially the artifacts of the white fat jade carving, and more avoid sweat and grease. Many people think that the more Hetian jade contacts the human body, the fact is that it is a misunderstanding. If the white fat white jade is too much contact with sweat, it will easily turn pale yellow, no longer pure white as fat.

4, the pendant should be put away when not in use.

It is best to put it in a jewelry bag or jewelry box to avoid rubbing or bumping. If it is a high-grade Hetian jade jewelry, do not place it on the cabinet surface to avoid dust accumulation and affect the brightness.

5, Pei Hetian jade pendant should be wiped with a clean, soft white cloth, it is not appropriate to use dyed cloth or fiber-hard cloth.

Hetian jade jewelry with diamonds, red sapphire, emerald and other gems should also be wiped with a clean white cloth to remove grease, dust, impurities, moisture or sweat, which will help maintain and maintain the original quality.

6. The environment in which Hetian jade is located should maintain a suitable temperature.

Jade is maintained by a certain humidity, and the lack of temperature and brightness will lose the artistic value and economic value of its collection.

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