Hetian Jade Collection Selection From Six Aspects


What is the most important topic for investors? Maybe how can I buy a good jade jewelry? In fact, if you say good, then there is no side on the word “good”, from a few thousand to more than tens of thousands. Therefore, instead of choosing a good jade jewelry, it is better to say how to choose a jade that is suitable for investment.

The experience of purchasing jade jewelry is introduced to everyone.

Choose from six aspects: pit, shape, skin, texture, technique, color, etc.

(1) The so-called “pit” refers to the origin of jade.

Jade is divided into jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite refers to the jadeite produced in the Burma region. The narrow sense of nephrite refers to the jade produced in the Hetian area of ​​Xinjiang and the counties and cities around the Hotan area. Of course, Hetian jade is also divided into mountain materials, mountain water materials, and seed materials. Among them, Hetian jade seed material is the most collectible and value-added space in terms of jade quality and rareness. Therefore, in recent years, Hetian jade seed resources are getting less and less, and the market value is getting higher and higher. Some new “Jade” species (called new pit materials in the industry) are flooding the market to pretend to be Hetian seed jade. Among them are Russian, Qinghai, Suiyu, Hemoyu, Afghan jade, Hanyu and other “Jade” species, and even some kava stone and synthetic materials. As for how to distinguish between Hetian jade and other miscellaneous materials, I will tell you later. In the case where you are sure that you want to buy the Hetian jade seed, you will consider other factors.

(2) The so-called “type” is the “type” of jade.

A good jade is not only the material to be right, but also depends on whether his shape (that is, the shape of the jade) is beautiful, because the jade that is beautifully proportioned and coordinated is not only easy to play and wear, but also gives people a beautiful enjoyment. Some jade carving craftsmen are too accommodating the shape of the material, and the carved things give people a sense of awkwardness. Therefore, a jade with a bad shape, no matter how good his jade quality, can not be called a perfect artwork.

Hetian jade purchase 6 elements

3) The so-called “skin” refers to the skin color of the seed jade.

As we all know, Hetian jade seed material is produced in the Yulong Kashi River. Because jade has been buried by the riverbed for a long time, the jade-flavored Hetian jade seed material is often infiltrated by minerals such as iron oxide in the river. , formed a skin color. There are many kinds of skin color, such as red skin, golden skin, autumn pear skin, smoke oil skin and so on. The longer the jade is buried in the sand, the deeper the skin color will be. Therefore, there is a saying of “the red of the millennium, the black of the thousand years”. However, not all Hetian jade seeds have a “color” skin. Some high-density Hetian jade seeds are incapable of invading due to minerals. The outer part of the material has only the original “impingement hole” hull, and some people call him “orange peel” or “pores”. The white “good white seed” with good whiteness is very rare and precious, and the price is naturally high! Since the skin color of jade is often used as a symbol to identify the authenticity of Hetian jade seeds, some black-hearted sellers are crazy. Some mountain materials and “new pit” materials are dyed to pretend to be Hetian jade seed material, so if you want to buy a real Hetian jade seed material, you must learn to identify the skin color of the seed jade. To tell Yuyou some basic methods for the identification of Hetian jade skin color.

(4) The so-called “texture” refers to the density, sputum, fat and moistness of seed jade.

The fine Hetian jade seed material has the characteristics of “warm and moist”. Visually oily, astringent, with a “grease” luster. However, it is introverted and unobtrusive. The hand touched it with a slight resistance and felt as if it were touching the baby’s skin. Here I want to emphasize that I am talking about the “good seed jade” with these characteristics. Hetian jade seed material is also divided into three or six, etc., and the seed jade is also dry, transparent and of poor density. In general, the whitening jade and the Hetian jade seed material have a higher density and moisturizing degree than the white jade. The higher the whiteness of the white jade, the worse the density is, which is what people often say as “material pine”. “Yangzhiyu” is precious because he is not only white but also has a high fat density. “Yangzhiyu” emphasizes “lipid white” instead of “dead white”, which is the same jade color as sheep oil. Therefore, the warmth of jade is the fundamental feature of Hetian Yu, and one of the main points of interest in the purchase of jade.

(5) The so-called “technique” is the engraving process of jade.

As the saying goes, “Jade can’t be carved into a device”, no matter how good the material is, it is difficult to show his true value without careful carving. As a beginner, this is actually the best. If you don’t understand “jade”, then you will look at his craft. That is to say what to carve. Whether it is a character or an animal or a flower, the more realistic the carving, the better the life is better! The jade is a handicraft, since it is a handicraft, it must give people a sense of beauty.

(6) The so-called “color” is the color of jade.

Hetian jade has five colors: white jade, white jade, jasper, topaz and ink jade. Of course, there are also sugar, sapphire, and blue and white materials. But in general, basically these five colors. Since the real topaz has disappeared (the yellow scorpion is not topaz), the superior jasper ink jade is not too much, so now the market is basically blue and white, except for some miscellaneous materials. From the point of view of collection, of course, it is a white color seed jade with high whiteness, good density and fine craftsmanship. But this is unpredictable! If you take two pieces of the same fat, the same weight, the same process of white jade and white jade, the price of white jade is often several times higher than the price of white jade. Therefore, for friends with limited economic conditions, it is still necessary to do what they can. If you really like the finest white jade, you can consider buying some small boutiques, you can enjoy it! Haha! In addition, the whiteness of jade is currently not a unified standard. Therefore, in order to give you a convenient description on the Internet, the general business will indicate the first-level white, second-grade white, first-level white flashing green, and second-level white flashing green. Level 1 white refers to something that visually feels very white. Secondary white means slightly worse than the first grade white. The first-order white flashing green means that it looks very white at first glance, but when you look closely, it is slightly green, and you can’t see it without looking at it. The second-order white flashing green refers to jade that is slightly worse than the first-grade white and has a green head. Of course, there is also a statement of white-level white flash ash! You can do this by analogy! What needs to be explained here is that there is a saying of “a thousand kinds of agate 10,000 kinds of jade” because Hetian jade seed material is natural ore. It is impossible to have exactly the same color, that is, the color of different parts of the same piece of Hetian jade seed is not the same. So sometimes people will find that the same thing is expressed as a white level, the color is also somewhat different. Seeing this, there may be friends who ask, why do you put the “color” in “pit, shape, skin, sex, work, color”, and finally say it? Oh! This is the difference between beginners and experts! For beginners In other words, everyone likes to look at “color” in the first place, get one thing first and see that he is not white! And ignores his other aspects. And the focus of the experts is to look at the fat. If a thing is only white, but density and fat are not good, then such things are not worth collecting.

Introduction to Hetian jade:

Chinese name: Hetian jade

English name: Hetian jade

Definition: Soft jade produced in Hetian, Xinjiang, China. It is mainly composed of tremolite and actinite minerals. The texture is dense, delicate, warm, tough and smooth.

Hetian jade is a kind of nephrite, commonly known as true jade. The jade in the narrow sense generally refers to Xinjiang Hetian jade. English name Nephrite. The chemical composition is an aqueous calcium magnesium silicate having the chemical formula Ca:Mgs(OH)z(Si4011)2. The hardness is 6 to 6.5 and the density is 2.96 – 3.17. One of the famous Chinese jade.

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