Several Hetian Jade Identification Method To Show You How To Identify Hetian Jade


Hetian jade is a very high-grade jade and the most famous jade in China. Because of this, there are many fake Hetian jade. So how does Hetian jade identify it? The following is a compilation of the common method of identification on Hetian jade, you can refer to it!




Hetian jade’s method of identification – check its certificate number

Hetian jade is more expensive and generally has a certificate. You can call the Quality Supervision Bureau to check the number or not.

Hetian jade’s method of identification – hand down weight

At the time of purchase, the same volume of jade can be measured by hand, and Hetian jade is heavier, solid and thick, and generally heavier than other jade.

Hetian jade’s method of identification – view the color of Hetian jade

Hetian jade has only four colors: white, cyan, ink, and yellow. The legend has red, but it has never been seen, so if you meet the red Hetian jade, the designation is false unless it’s the skin color on the surface. White color from white to blue, yellow from light yellow to deep yellow (including sugar), cyan from light cyan to dark cyan, ink from ink to light black.

Hetian jade’s method of identification – view its texture

Hetian jade texture is moist, delicate and soft, and the surface has oily luster. Other jade’s moisturizing and oily luster is not as good as Hetian jade. In addition, the jade can be placed on the skin, there will be a feeling of cold, and the glass products are not.

Hetian jade’s method of identification – listen to its voice

Because of its thick and warm texture and tight pulse, Hetian jade sounds crisp and loud under the tapping. You can take two pieces of the same jade to knock a few times. If the sound is hoarse, it is not Hetian jade, and Hetian jade’s voice is crisper. Like steel.

Hetian jade’s method of identification – observe whether it is translucent

In jade, there are three kinds of transparent, translucent and opaque, while Hetian jade is translucent. Under the light, it can transmit light, but it cannot see the transmitted image. You can align the jade with the light source and shake it with your hand behind the jade. It is true that Hetian jade can see the shadow of the shadow.

Hetian jade’s method of identification – using a knife to test its hardness

Hetian jade has a hardness of about 6.5. It is generally not left with a knife on the top. If it is glass and the jade with lower hardness will leave traces, but now many imitations also choose some jade with high hardness. There will be no traces left.

How to identify Hetian jade? In the above-mentioned method of identification of Hetian jade, some of them will hurt the Hetian jade itself. When you choose the identification method, you must be careful on your hetian jade itself, never hurt it when you choose the way!

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