How To Maintain Hetian Jade – Hetian Jade Daily Maintenance Methods And Points


      Hetian jade has a broad and narrow sense. Whether it is Hetian jade in the broad sense or Hetian jade in the narrow sense, it is a kind of high-grade jade, which needs good maintenance. So how does Hetian jade be maintained? Here are some of the daily maintenance methods and points of Hetian jade, you can refer to it!





How to care for Hetian jade – avoid collision with hard objects

The most important thing about the maintenance of Hetian jade is to avoid collision. Although the hardness of jade is high, it is easy to crack after collision. Sometimes, although the crack is not visible to the naked eye, the molecular structure inside the jade has been damaged and there are dark cracks, which greatly impairs its perfection and economic value.

How to maintain Hetian jade – avoid high temperature and high heat.

Hetian jade is exposed to the air for a long time, and the jade is heated and easily loses moisture by heat, resulting in no feeling of warmth. It is also easy to make the jade structure firmness affected, so Hetian jade jewelry must avoid high temperature and high heat.

How to care for Hetian jade – do not touch chemical reagents.

Hetian jade should avoid contact with chemical liquids such as perfume. Hetian jade is easily attacked by chemical agents, and the jade surface is easily corroded, resulting in uneven gloss, which may cause the color to fade. Therefore, Hetian jade should avoid various chemicals. Especially some chemical components that are not easy to detect, such as perfumes, cosmetics, oil smoke, etc.

How to care for Hetian jade – avoid dust as much as possible

If there is dust on the surface of the jade, it should be cleaned with a soft brush; if dirt or oil stains are attached to the surface of the jade, it should be washed with warm light soapy water and then rinsed with water. Do not use chemical degreasers. If the jade is very finely carved and the dust has not been removed for a long time, please clean and maintain the professional factory and company that produce jade.

How to care for Hetian jade – regular cleaning

Hetian jade maintenance should avoid dust as much as possible. If there is dust on the surface, wipe it with a clean, soft white cloth. Do not use dyed cloth or fiber-hard cloth. If the time of jade wear is long, there will be dirt or oil stains attached to the surface of the jade or the engraving gap, and it can be cleaned with a soft brush. It can also be washed with warm, light soapy water, then rinsed with water, and should not be used with chemical degreasers.

How to maintain Hetian jade – new jade should not be exposed to sweat

The new jade can’t touch too much sweat. If it touches, it will damage the outer layer and affect its original vividness, especially the artifacts of the white fat jade carving, and avoid sweat and grease. If the white fat white jade is too much contact with sweat, it will easily turn pale yellow, no longer pure white as fat. It is more beneficial for seed jade and ancient jade to properly contact with sweat. Seed jade and ancient jade have a process of transformation that requires human body temperature to help, and sweat makes it more translucent. Because human sweat contains salt, volatile fatty acids and urea, the surface of seed jade and ancient jade can be reborn and become more and more moist.

How to care for Hetian jade – don’t just put it

Hetian Yupei and the pendant should be placed when not in use. It is best to put it in a jewelry bag or jewelry box to avoid rubbing or bumping. If it is high-grade Hetian jade jewelry, do not put it on the counter to avoid the dust from affecting the brightness.

How to maintain Hetian jade? The above describes some of the maintenance methods and key points of Hetian jade in daily life. Friends who have Hetian jade jewelry can pay attention to it!

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