How To Care For Hetian Jade Jewelry


Hetian jade is the main body of Chinese jade culture. Because of its delicate texture, its beauty is characterized by smooth and moist, uniform color, soft and fat, it has a special luster, which is between glass luster, grease luster, and waxy luster. In the meantime, it has a fine and delicate texture, pure and pleasant color, occupying a leading position in traditional jade.

1. Avoid collision with hard objects. Although the hardness of jade is high, it is easily cracked after the collision. Sometimes, although cracks are not visible to the naked eye, the molecular structure in the surface layer has been damaged and there are dark cracks, which greatly impairs its perfection and economic value.

2. Avoid dust as much as possible. When there is dust in daily jade, it should be cleaned with a soft brush; if dirt or oil stains are attached to the jade surface, it should be washed with warm soapy water, then rinsed with water, and should not be cleaned with chemical degreaser;

3. When the pendant is not in use, it should be put in place. It is best to put it in the jewelry bag or box to avoid rubbing or bruising. If it is high-grade jade jewelry, it should not be placed on the cabinet surface to avoid accumulation of dust and affect the brightness;

4. Try to avoid contact with perfume, chemical liquid, soap, and human sweat. It is well known that sweat contains salt, volatile fatty acids, urea, etc., jade is exposed to too much sweat, and the wearer does not immediately dry it, it will be eroded, causing damage to the appearance and affecting the brightness;

5. Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time. Jade should avoid exposure to sunlight, because jade will expand due to heat, and the molecular volume will increase, which will affect jade;

6. Jade articles should be cleaned with a soft, clean white cloth when cleaning. It is not suitable to use hard and decolorized fabrics. Jade should maintain a suitable temperature.

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