Why Jade Wearing Is Good For You In The Winter?


The winter has arrived, everyone wears thick clothes and wraps them up in a tight manner. It seems that the jewelry is completely invisible. It will naturally wear more clothes when it is cold and warm. At this time, all kinds of jewellery will look a bit “superfluous”. Many people will take the jewelry and wear it, especially jade. Because many people think that it is not appropriate to wear a cold jade on the cold sky. However, most people don’t know, in fact, wearing jade jewelry in winter is very beneficial!

Jadeite jade has a strong thermal conductivity. When it comes into contact with the human body, it will only have a short-term cold feeling. It will quickly conduct heat and conform to the body temperature.

We know that jade contains more trace elements needed by the human body. In the process of contact with human skin, the human body will slowly absorb these trace elements to improve the balance of body mechanism. At the same time, jade can promote blood circulation through massage points. The winter weather is cold, people’s blood circulation speed is slow, but through the wearing of jade jewelry, it can effectively improve the blood flow rate, regulate the blood, make the color more beautiful, more energetic.

Everyone thinks that the winter climate is dry and wearing jade jewelry will make it lose moisture. In fact, wearing jade in winter will not only lose water, but also a kind of maintenance for jade.

In the cold winter season, people’s skin is relatively dry, it is not easy to secrete oily substances, and it will not cause acid corrosion of jadeite because of sweating like in summer. In addition, wearing jade in winter, due to the thick clothes, is usually attached to the skin or put into the clothes, which will reduce the contact between jade and sunlight, this relatively warm and humid environment will make the jade more warm.

Compared to jade, many fashion jewellery pieces are not suitable for winter wear, because they are not well matched with warm and thick clothes. In this relatively dark season, the color of the clothes is relatively deep. At this time, the bright and bright jade tends to give people an unexpected effect. Pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings… different combinations show different textures. Elegant and bright, yet vibrant, graceful and temperament.

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