The Beauty Of Jade Inlay, The Temptation You Can’t Resist


For oriental women, jade has a mysterious temptation. The exquisite jade inlay technique combines the oriental classical and western fashion elements to highlight the charm of jade jewelry. The luster of the metal blends harmoniously with the green color, and the town reveals an elegant and fashionable atmosphere. Jadeite jade is usually inlaid with gold, white gold, rose gold, diamonds, red sapphires and other auxiliary stones. When jade is paired with white gold, rose gold and diamonds, the use of claws will be more modern; when jade and gold are matched, the use of the inlay will give a little retro feel.

In terms of styling, the design of jade inlaid ornaments can be combined with traditional auspicious things, in addition to choosing such popular auspicious patterns and texts. We can also do some abstract design on this basis to make the jewelry more modern and thus accepted by more young consumers.

In the color matching, the emeralds of different colors are set together, which will make the expression more abundant. Among them, red, green, purple, and yellow in the jade, meaning Fu, Lu, Shou, and Xi, respectively, can be selected according to different artistic conception, and can also choose the color of the stone.

From the process, we can divide the jade processing technology into engraving and mosaic.

Jade carving originated from the good things and emotional sustenance of auspicious blessings, is a cultural heritage and the deposition of art. On this basis, inlaid jade, through the designer’s whimsy, gives the jade decoration and wearing practical functions.

The beauty of jade is in the crystal clear and transparent, and should be considered in the design to enhance the beauty and color of jade, fully explore the aesthetics of jadeite materials, combine its unique texture and engraving, and rich cultural implication, shape and craft design. It is novel, elegant, comfortable to wear and artistic.

The tangible or intangible things in the world, such as nature, astronomy, geography, technology, culture, etc., can be refined in abstract or figurative form, applied to jade jewelry and transformed into a different style of appearance. When the design work is given a specific externality, we will explore its connotation. Innovative ideas need to find a form to fit. The works of heaven and man are the coexistence of form and soul. Not only the appearance is beautiful, but also the different inner thoughts. This is the meaning of design and art.

The gene of art is the idea of ​​concealing it and the soul is like a fragrance from the depths of the work. An elegant shape requires thought to support life, the soul is the essence and sublimation and the shape is a figurative expression. The beauty of shape is the deconstruction of the plastic art by the designer; the beauty of the soul is the inner feeling of the soul, and it is our vast spiritual world; the beauty of art lies in the soul and thinking contained in its form, and the chord that touches the resonance of our hearts.

The beauty of jadeite jade brings together the rich connotations of oriental aesthetics and jade culture. The emerald inlay should be extended from the aesthetic point of view, focusing on the design and artistry of the work. With the jewelry as the carrier, it is ingeniously integrated into the philosophical connotation of national culture. The ethereal and vital work is the perfect unity of artistic styling and philosophical thinking. On this basis, it gradually turns into a splendid wonder, blooming in the world of jewelry.

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