Various Important Indicators Of Jade Jewelry


A treasure always has its indelible hard indicators. Jade is naturally one of the treasures of many jewels. What are the hard indicators of jade? Let’s take a look at JOJO!

Various hard indicators of jade jewelry

1. Cut: The processing of jade products is divided into two categories: finished light body and finished finished product. Light body products require high raw materials and can not be cracked, because it is easy to see when there is a crack. Cracked jade, mostly used to make flower pieces, can be used to cover up cracks by engraving. Therefore, in the evaluation of the finished body and flower parts, in the case of the same quality, the light body products are more expensive than the flower carvings, of course, there are exceptionally exquisite carving jade.

2, crack: the existence of cracks is often a fatal injury to the finished jade, with the crack, the value of jade will be greatly reduced, especially for high-end jade. Generally, a flashlight can be used, which is easy to see with fluoroscopy and cracks.

3. Gloss: Jade is glassy, translucent or transparent. Jadeite jade presents a variety of colors due to the presence of different dyed ions: usually white, red, green, and purple. Yellow, powder, etc. Pure and non-impurity is white. If it contains chrome, it will be soft and bright green, dark green, and the name is Cui. This variety is the most expensive and is very popular among people. If it contains manganese, it is lavender and dark purple, often called spring land or glutinous rice. Iron-containing elements are dark red, maroon, and crimson, and are known as cockroaches. Containing chrome and copper, it is light blue and light cyan, known as olive water. In addition to good color, the high-grade jade is extremely important. Generally, the color is fresh and beautiful, the texture is transparent, and the glass gloss is strong. On the contrary, the texture is dry and the less transparent varieties are followed.

4. Transparency: Jadeite is polycrystalline, mostly translucent and even opaque. It is impossible to be as transparent as a single crystal gemstone such as emerald, so that the light can pass freely and appear crystal clear.

5. Clarity: Jade jewelry is the same as other gemstones. Clarity is a major factor in assessing value. The jadeite is mainly white and black. In the evaluation of jadeite, the value of jadeite is determined according to the degree of damage caused by jade to the beauty of jadeite. For high-end goods, flawless is a serious shortcoming, and for medium and low-end goods, the impact will be much smaller.

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