Which kind of glass type and ice type is good? The difference between glass type and ice type


For jade, there is a saying that “the layman sees the line, the insider sees the species”, and the jadeite species has a great influence on the quality of the jadeite. Glass jade and ice jade are all old pits, which are similar but slightly different. So which kind of glass and ice are good? The following is an introduction from the difference between glass and ice, you can find out!

Which kind of glass and ice are good?

The ice jade texture is very transparent, but it is slightly worse than the glass. The glass type of jade is as pure as glass, and even if there are fine impurities inside, the transparency of the ice jade is second, although it is very transparent, but the impurities are slightly more.

Due to the scarcity of jadeite in the old pit glass, many ice jadeites have also been upgraded to “identity”, which is called “glass jadeite” to raise the price of commodities, and it is only the ice species and the jadeite is also “lifted”. Into the glass kind of floating jade to “improve” its price.

It can be seen that the glass type jadeite is expensive due to its scarcity, and naturally it is better than ice.

The difference between glass and ice

1, the overall difference

Glass type jade: completely transparent, with fluorescence, clean inside, pure like glass, fine structure, strong toughness, color or colorless.

Ice jade: transparent as water, the head is like ice, but there is no strong fluorescence, there may be a small amount of cracks or other impure substances, the interior generally has obvious white cotton, the cotton and structure are clear and distinct.

2, the difference between water

The kind of water of glass jade is far better than that of ice. The crystal mineral particles are very fine and uniform. No graininess and greenness can be observed by the naked eye. The density between crystals is quite good, the hardness is high, the head is long, and the light transmittance is good. The flesh of no white cotton is as transparent as a glass block.

The crystal particles of ice jadeite are slightly thicker than the jadeite of glass. Under the naked eye, there is a faint graininess and orange peel effect. The combination between crystals is not very good. There are some tiny white gaps, which makes the water head short and transparent. The luminosity is poor, similar to the ice in the refrigerator.

3, the difference between transparency and white cotton clarity
Because the water is good, the glass jade of the same thickness will be much more transparent than the ice jade. The good glass jade is placed on the paper and the text below can be seen through the meat. The brightness of ice jade is between bright and translucent, with a vague feeling.

The good transparency makes the cotton spots or impurities inside the glass jadeite clear, and the ice jade will have white cotton, but the visibility is low and looming.

4, the difference between the intensity of fluorescence

The water of the glass type jade is very good, so it will have a fluorescent effect, and generally the fluorescence is strong, and the fluorescence of a small part of the glass type jadeite is weak or even has no fluorescence effect. Ice jadeite also exhibits a fluorescent effect, but fluorescence is generally weak and has no fluorescence effect.

Although most glass species of jade will have a fluorescent effect, not all of the fluorescent materials are glass jade, and some jade processing merchants have a concave curved shape on the back of the jade, artificially produced fluorescent effects, or set off on the back of the emerald. Reflective plates to form a fluorescent effect, consumers should be careful to buy!

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