What Is The Difference Between Ice Jade And Ordinary Jade?


Many times, comparing women to jade, especially good-looking women, is easier to associate with jade. There are many kinds of jade, such as ice jade is a kind of good texture, like the crystal clear and beautiful. So, what are the differences between ice jade and ordinary jade?

To know how to identify the ice jade in jade, the first thing to know is what kind of jade is ice jade. Ice jade is a kind of similar in appearance to crystal. It is especially clear and transparent, like ice. If you use something to knock, the sound is especially crisp.

There is a certain similarity between ice jade and glass jade, but the ice jade is clearer and more impurity-free. It looks more optimistic. The particles, impurities, cracks, etc. in the glass jade can be seen, and they are also seen. clear. This is a way to identify the jadeite in the jade.

How to identify the ice jadeite and diamonds in jadeite is also necessary to understand. Because the two also have a certain similarity. Diamonds can’t see impurities in the naked eye, while ice jade can clearly see the internal structure and impurities inside. The average person can also distinguish between jade and diamond.

Many people think that if the ice jadeite can see the impurities inside through the naked eye, is it not good quality? In fact, it is not. Seeing that a jadeite focus is not on impurities, but on the big aspects, such as shape, color, etc., this is an aspect of how to identify jade.

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