Why Is Hetian Jade More And More Yellow?


Some jade players will find that after Hetian jade has been worn for a long time, it will become more and more yellow. In fact, the color of Hetian Baiyu generally does not change much. The real jade material is relatively stable. Generally, it is normal to wear and play without obvious changes. If there are changes in depth, this is related to the length of wearing and maintenance.

There are many reasons why hetian white jade wears more yellow. First, let’s talk about the problems on jade. Some jade textures are loose and easy to turn yellow and black. For example, the Russian material in Hetian Yuzhong is like this because it has a rough structure and is worn for a long time. Naturally, it will slowly turn yellow. Therefore, when we choose jade, we choose to buy Xinjiang Hetian seed jade because it is relatively stable in nature and is not susceptible to the external environment.

Regarding the oxidation of jade, Hetian jade contains more or less iron. These elements are in contact with air, and the iron ions are oxidized to form iron oxide. The color of jade also exhibits iron oxide. yellow. In particular, the mountain material and the field jade, because they are cut off after mining, they start to contact the air, and the oxidation is faster.

Daily improper maintenance of Hetian jade:

The true jade nature is relatively stable, and the color generally does not change much. However, the color change of white jade is the most obvious in Hetian jade. Many white jade will turn yellow and black for a long time, which is caused by the wrong maintenance method.

The sweat secreted by the human body corrodes the surface of jade, etc. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will make Hetian Baiyu slowly turn yellow and black, reducing its quality. To prevent this, we need to keep the jade surface clean in time, wash it with water, and brush the dust and grease in the gap. Also note that it is best not to stick Hetian jade on the face or nose, as these parts have the most grease.

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