What Is The Meaning Of Hetian Dragon & Phoenix Plate?


The dragon and the phoenix have been the totems and symbols of the Chinese nation since ancient times. There have always been dragons and phoenixes, dragons and phoenixes, and dragons and phoenixes. Therefore, in traditional jade carvings, people often engrave dragons and phoenixes together, or they can make dragons and phoenixes. Paired cards. What is the meaning of Hetian Yulong Fengyu brand?

The dragon, the dragon has the divine water, the good flying, the heavens, the fickle, the spiritual, the levy, the sin, the demonstration, and so on. It is the prince of the beasts, and the changes are soaring and spiritual. The beautiful mutual cooperation and cooperation between the dragon and the phoenix was established, and the dragon and the phoenix dance and the dragon and phoenix were presented.

Feng, Feng has divinity, Xiangyang, Bingde, Zhaorui, sublime, Shangjie, Shimei, Yuqing and other deities. The king of birds, elegant and good and auspicious.

Dragon and Phoenix on the card, male Dai Long female Dai Feng, meaning that the two sides love each other, love than Jin Jian, never separated, especially suitable for couples or couples. It is also a blessing for a newcomer, a happy family, and a long-lasting love.

In the traditional Chinese culture, the child is like a dragon, and the birth of a woman like a phoenix is ​​the greatest happiness in life. Therefore, the Longfeng brand is very suitable for children to wear, meaning that the wearer is a person in the dragon and phoenix, will become a person, can motivate the child to work hard and become the pillar of the country. In addition, people often rely on the image of the dragon and the phoenix to cherish the longing for marriage and family happiness.

Meaning pairs

The dragon and phoenix pendants symbolize a pure love, and the dragon and the phoenix are mainly to describe the loyal love of a pair of husbands and wives. Therefore, the pair of Hetian Yulongfeng is particularly suitable for being regarded as a kind of love token between men and women. It represents the true love between each other and death, and it is witnessing your love story all the time.

Smooth in the wind, flying yellow

The dragon among the dragon and phoenix pendants represents the totem of China. The extensive involvement in the culture of various fields in China is an important aspect of the Chinese national culture. If it is worn on a man, it represents a kind of meaning that the cause is prosperous and step by step. It can make people look very tasteful while being able to look good.

Good luck, good luck and again

The dragon symbolizes sacredness and contains beautiful wishes for the status and power of the wearer. It means that the dragon is well-being and noble. The unique shape and beauty of the phoenix is ​​as free as flying in the sky. It is a beautiful gift to others. The blessing, the dragon and the phoenix are together with the dragon and the phoenix, and the reputation of loving each other is very suitable for the newlyweds, wishing their love sweet happiness, harmony and beauty.

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