What Are The Meanings Of Hetian Jade Lotus Pendant?


The lotus has the reputation of “the gentleman in the flower”, the flowers are beautiful, the flowers are overflowing, and the lungs are ridiculous. With the symbol of beauty, love, longevity, and holiness, the lotus flower has become a favorite flower of Chinese people. It has a unique and rich connotation and is very popular among people. What is the meaning of Hetian jade lotus pendant?

“It’s spotless,” Lotus is a sacred object in Buddhism. It is said that Sakyamuni was born on the lotus when he was born. After his pinching, he left two things: lotus and lion. Therefore, the lotus is hailed as the “holy object” of Buddhism. The lotus flower “discharges the mud without staining it, and clears it without demon”. It is very consistent with the “land of pure land” in Buddhism, and it is the place to wash the soul.

What are the meanings of Hetian jade lotus pendant?

Fair and honest:

Lotus symbolizes “one product is clean and incorruptible”, meaning that it is high and not greedy, fair and honest, which is the praise of the old people to the official. The lotus roots are straight and straight, so people put the lotus as a gentleman. This is the case of the “one product is clean and honest” in the jade works. The lotus is used to describe the human nature of the people, and it is officially clean.

Pure and beautiful:

The purity and holiness of the lotus represents beautiful friendship and love. Lotus is the only unique flower in the flower that coexists with flowers and seeds. It is also known as “Bian Lilian”. It is a symbol of life and a symbol of pure love. Two lotus flowers arranged side by side on the same stem to express the love and affection of the husband and wife. At the same time, a pair of lotuses symbolizes concentricity and represents a wish for a beautiful marriage.

More than a year:

Lotus and “Lian” homophonic, can be combined with other auspicious things to express a lot of auspicious meaning. If you use squid or goldfish with lotus, it means more than a year; lotus and plum together, expressing harmony and beauty; lotus and osmanthus together, said Lianshengjiazi; or a combination of heron and lotus, meaning all the way, all It is a good luck to live a good life.

More children and more blessings:

There are many seeds in a lotus flower, which symbolizes many children and many blessings. Sitting on the lotus leaf with the boy, holding the lotus in one hand and holding the lotus in the other hand means the more people and more blessings.

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