how many kinds of skin color does hetian jade-seed material have


The various skin colors of Hetian jade are chemical reactions that have undergone tens of millions of years of geological movement and are external features of the seed material. Skin color can be used as a symbol to identify Hetian jade seed material. Currently, Hetian jade seed material with skin color is more popular in the market, and the price will not be cheap.

Hetian jade’s jade skin is naturally formed over thousands of years, with various shapes and rich colors, especially the color is highly valued by professional collectors. For example: autumn pear skin, jujube skin, tiger skin, heaven and earth skin, chestnut skin, crow skin, osmanthus skin, aloe skin and so on. A good-quality, skin-colored seed jade is very expensive.

How many kinds of skin color does Hetian jade seed material have?

Red skin

If the best of the seed color is the most popular among the players, the red skin is of course the first battle. The Chinese love red is a constant truth, such as some red skin, red skin, and then red skin. Plus the delicate and moist white meat of the seed, it is a natural and perfect book without carving.

If the material quality is fine, the leather color collection will be the top grade. Therefore, the red skin white meat is really difficult to see. In addition to this reason, the red skin seed is popular, or because the red color is the national color.

Yellow skin

The surface of the jade is covered with a yellow-yellow skin color, which is dark yellow, light yellow, chestnut yellow, etc….

When the seed material is immersed in water, iron oxide is formed on the surface of the jade, and yellow skin is formed. The yellow skin is also a kind of skin color that is very pleasing to the seed, and some yellow skin, golden golden, look Also very pleasing to the eye.

Black leather

The seeds of black skin are indeed rare. There is also a saying in the line: the millennium red, the black of the year, which means that the millennium can form the red skin, and the black skin of the seed material can be formed in 10,000 years. The formation time of the black skin is very The length, so, the black skin is also very rare.

General black skin seed: Most of them are relatively old-fashioned, and the oily nature of the meat is not bad, but the meat quality is not too white. It is estimated that it is related to the color of the skin color.

Sprinkling gold

Sprinkle gold skin: It is very similar to yellow skin. There are also many friends who can’t tell. In fact, you can hear the name: Sprinkle gold, meaning the golden color that is spread, the natural color is a touch of yellow, and the yellow skin. The color of the twilight should be a lot thicker.

Sprinkle the golden skin of the seed: generally the meat quality is not bad, density, oily are also good, a touch of golden yellow, watching is very happy.

Autumn pear skin

Autumn pear skin: As the name suggests, it is like a pear skin in autumn, a little dark coffee.

Generally, the seeds of autumn pear skin: oily is not bad, the density is generally good, most of the meat is relatively old, especially the oily autumn pear skin, looks very solid, grounded, makes people very Comfortable.

Raven skin

Crow skin: refers to a jade stone whose surface is wrapped in black. The meat in black is generally bright white, yellow or red. It is mainly yellow and red, and also has yellow-white mixed color and yellow-red mixed color.

The jade meat inside is warm, clean and pure in color. However, the appearance is like a crow. It is hard to see black. How is this formed? When the main Xinjiang Hetian jade was formed, there was tungsten in the environment, and the tungsten element infiltrated into the jade skin to create a black crow-like skin.

Light white seed “primary color skin”

Primary color leather: It is a high-density natural Hetian jade raw material. Its skin color has no color, leaving only the unique “sweat pores”. The pores of the sweat are very small, fine and comfortable. It is very similar to touching the baby. Lubrication of the skin.

Such a colorless seed: generally high density, so the color is not easy to enter, for this kind of seed leather, we mainly through its “sweat pores”, and structure to identify.

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