Hetian Jade’s Six Characteristics Identification


Jade, mainly divided into jadeite and nephrite, jadeite refers to jadeite, the so-called jade in Chinese tradition refers to nephrite, as a rare treasure in nephrite. Different colors, textures, and values ​​are also very different. The best in white jade is the fat jade, which is delicate in texture and looks like a goose egg. It is white and warm, just like sheep fat. At present, only Xinjiang is produced in the world, which is extremely rare.

The distinctive features of Hetian jade six:

1. The mineral is tremolite, the mineral has a very fine particle size and has a felt-like structure.

There are two types of amphibole in the world: tremolite and actinolite. Hetian jade is a tremolite, and its mineral composition is tremolite. Main features: First, the content of tremolite is extremely high, generally above 95%, of which white jade is 99%, white jade is 98%, and jade is 97% (95%-99%). At the same time, the same type of tremolite jade in the field The jadeite content is higher. Second, there are very few impurity minerals. Generally it is 1% to 3%, and more than 1%. Third, the mineral has a very fine particle size and is microscopic and cryptocrystalline. The tremolite minerals are fibrous, needle-like, and leaf-like under a polarizing microscope, and are long columnar and short columnar fibers under a transmission electron microscope. The fineness of the particle size is rare in the same type of tremolite jade at home and abroad. Fourth, the structure is typical of felt, the particle size is uniform, and it is interwoven into a felt. This is an important reason for the fine and dense texture, and this structure is rare for other types of jade.

Second, the texture is delicate and gentle

The texture is a comprehensive representation of the quality of the jade, including shape, degree of moisture, cracks, impurities and so on. Due to its mineral composition and structure, Hetian jade has determined its texture. The performance is as follows: First, because of its extremely fine grain size, the texture is very delicate, which is what the ancients called “small and sorrowful”, which is beyond the reach of other jade. The second is warm and moist, that is, it has the luster of oil (fat), giving people a sense of moisturizing and softening. It is the so-called “warm and moist” of the ancients. The sheep fat jade is famous for its jade moisturizing like sheep fat. Third, there is moderate transparency, that is, “the head is good”, it is slightly transparent, and the jade pieces that are formed are watery and angry. Fourth, there are very few impurities, and some reach the level of innocence, and the inside and outside are the same. It is what the ancients called “there is no cover, and Yu does not cover up”, or “the corner is ignorant and can be known.”

Third, the hardness is relatively large

Hardness is one of the important standards of jade quality. When the hardness is large, the jade has good polishing property, good brightness and long-term preservation. Therefore, in the past, the process industry has divided hardness into high-grade jade. Hardness is an important indicator. Generally speaking, high-grade jade has a high hardness and low-grade jade has a low hardness. The hardness of Hetian jade is determined to be 6.5-6.9, which is similar to jadeite, and is smaller than serpentine jade (hardness is 2.6, generally about 4) and pyrophyllite (hardness is generally low, generally 2.5). 4) is high. Dushan jade, hardness is similar to Hetian jade, but the texture is not as good as Hetian jade.

Hetian jade, Hetian jade pendant, Hetian jade Buddha

Fourth, the toughness is extremely

The toughness is the grinding hardness, and the Hetian jade is a tremolite jade, and its toughness is its characteristic. According to the toughness data of the world’s gemstones, black diamond is 10, tremolite jade is 9, emerald, ruby, sapphire is 8, diamond, crystal, aquamarine is 7. 7. 5, peridot is 6, grandmother Green is 5.5, citrine, moonstone is 5, opal is 3, and fluorite is 2. For example, the toughness of tremolite is 1 000, and the relative toughness of other jade or minerals is: jadeite 500, serpentine (such as jade) 250, quartzite 10.20, quartz 5, corundum 2 to 3, mica 2. It can be seen that the toughness of tremolite jade is the largest in jade, which is the most important feature of Hetian jade, which is unmatched by other jade.

Five, pure color

Hetian jade’s economic value is based on color and texture purity, such as white jade, containing more than 95% of flashing stone, white color, pure texture, delicate, lustrous and radiant, which is an excellent variety of Hetian jade. In the prosperity period of several jade articles in the Han Dynasty, the Song Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty, the selection of materials was highly valued, and the quality white jade was often carved into a “heavy weapon”.

Six, beautiful sound

The sound of jade after being hit, this is an important property of the ancients to identify jade. The jade made by Hetian jade, the sound that is made when knocking is clear and long, such as the sound of the golden gongs, and the resounding, the residual sound is far away, and Xu Xufang does. This is what Yude said: “Oh, the sound of the Qing Dynasty is long, and it is finally stunned.” This feature, other non-Xinshi jade is too late.

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