Why Diamonds Will Become Expensive Gems In The World


When it comes to diamonds, it makes people love and hate. What they love is his bright and innocent brilliance. He hates his expensive price. Diamonds are a kind of gemstone, and the same name, as well as rubies, sapphires and emeralds, that is, emeralds, but compared to the other three, the status of diamonds seems to be more valuable. What is the reason for this difference? Why do diamonds become expensive gems in the world? Let’s learn about it with JOJO!

1. In the hands of consumers, a diamond has a lot of experience. According to preliminary statistics, a diamond, from its mining, sorting, processing, grading, and sales, to the purchaser, involves more than 2 million people. One diamond ring is a natural creator and more than 2 million people work hard. The crystallization, the preciousness of diamonds is also among them.

2. The diamond processing procedure is complicated and the amount of working hours is large. After the mined ore is carefully crushed and sorted, it is not like other metal deposits, it can be put into large-scale smelting. Instead, each diamond blank should be carefully and carefully analyzed to determine the undercut. Program to ensure its weight, clarity and style. Some world diamonds are often processed for months or even 1-2 years.

3. The exploration of diamond deposits is difficult and costly. The exploration of diamond deposits often takes decades, even hundreds of years of hard work and labor, and is costly.

4. The scale of mining is huge and difficult. The mining of diamond deposits can be said to be a large-scale, yet carefully prepared work. In the mining process, it is necessary to fully exploit the ore containing diamonds, and be careful to ensure that the diamond rough particles in the ore are intact. Improper mining can lead to huge economic losses.

5. The number of diamond deposits is small. The number of diamond deposits in the world, if compared with the number of iron, copper and gold mines, can be said to be pitiful and few. Some rough statistics have found that to get 1 carat (0.2 g) of polished diamonds, about 250 tons of ore need to be excavated.

6. Diamond culture has a long history. Since ancient times, diamonds have always been regarded as power, majesty, status and wealth by human beings, with potential and great cultural value.

7, the inherent intrinsic charm of diamonds. As a gem, you must have three elements: beauty, durability and scarcity. Diamond is the only gemstone that combines high hardness, strong refractive index and high dispersion. Any other gemstone is incomparable. Such a treasure in the treasure, rare and rare, should be the most expensive.

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