What Are The Main Aspects Of Diamond Classification?


What are the main aspects of diamond classification? There are many gemstones, diamonds are also one of them, and diamonds can be divided into different types of diamonds according to many aspects, such as color and shape. Many people don’t understand the main aspects of diamond classification. Let’s take a look with JOJO!

What are the main aspects of diamond classification?

1. The division of use of diamonds. The rebirth of the diamond, when the sander sharpened the deformed edges, it lost weight, but it gained a dazzling light. Many people think that diamonds are white small crystals set on the jewellery. In fact, if diamonds are used according to usage, the diamonds used for jewels are only one kind of diamonds. One kind is industrial drills for industrial cutting purposes. It is the other side of the diamond that is little known. It has faded away with a radiant aura and walked into the singer or ordinary people’s home. Industrial diamonds are also true diamonds from nature. High-quality diamonds have become the object of people’s pursuit. A small diamond is also worthless. The rest is eliminated because of too much impurities, clarity or variegated color. However, because of the high hardness, it has become an excellent cutting tool. Even glass can be easily cut, but nowadays, due to the rapid development of technology, synthetic diamond has become a better choice for industrial drilling.

2. The shape difference of diamonds. From the ignorance of love to the indifference after the ups and downs of the world, time has left every heart without regret. Drilling is the product of diamond after artificial grinding. When it is buried in the ground, its name is not diamond, and its shape is not like our common angular, proportion, they may be any shape, diamond artificial cutting After the result. The shape of the diamond has our common round diamonds. Whether it is a diamond ring or a diamond necklace or a diamond watch, most of them use round diamonds. Other shaped diamonds and heart-shaped drills are also common, and there are even a few squares. Drops and so on.

3. The color classification of diamonds. A journey of mountains and rivers, a period of time, is full of the ups and downs of life, we wrote our own stories in the rivers of the years, including love. The common diamond is white because it is pure and flawless, like a layer of sacred light sand. Secondly, the pink diamond is also loved by people because it is like a dream. It is a more precious kind of diamond. The yellow diamond is more common. There is also a blue diamond, which is mysterious and charming. The well-known “Titanic” The sea star of Ross, the heroine of Rose, is a huge and rare magnificent blue diamond. If it is divided according to the color of diamond 4C, the classification of diamonds can be divided into dozens from D to EFGHIJKLMN.

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