Basic Knowledge Of Diamond Cutting


The quality of diamond cuts can directly affect the appearance of diamonds, especially the fires released by diamonds will be deeply affected, so now consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality of cuts while pursuing the weight of diamonds. The higher the cut ratio, the more beautiful the diamond, because it can reflect and refract light. So what about naked drills? What do you need to prepare? Let’s learn about it with JOJO!

The loose diamond is a single diamond that has been cut, polished and not inlaid. The bare diamond cutting is the most important part of the bare diamond 4C, and only human can do it. The loose diamond 4C also includes the diamond weight and diamond clarity. There are three diamond colors, so it is still necessary to consider these three factors in the preliminary preparation. It also affects the cutting process. First of all, we must select the diamonds, pay attention to the clarity, carat weight, etc., and make a budget, because the price of loose diamonds is determined by 4C. When you have prepared for the preliminary period, you must start an important part.

The diamonds on the market are mostly of the standard round diamond type, and this type of enamel basically has 58 faces, so the standard cut of diamonds is a round 58 turn. To complete such a multifaceted cut, three steps are required. The first step is molding, the second step is ten-step cutting or cross-cutting. These two steps are to complete the cutting of eight faces, and the latter step is multi-face cutting. Multi-face grinding is like it means It is necessary to carry out the cutting of multiple faces, that is to say, the remaining 42 faces of one or two steps must be completed. The bare diamond cutting step is still a bit difficult, so the price will inevitably be slightly more expensive, but there are still many people going to customize, just for her beloved.

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