The Darker The Color Of The Jadeite Jade Is, The Better?


The primary factor determining the value of jadeite jade is the color of jade. A jade is not particularly good for water, but if it is better, its price will not be too low. Therefore, many people think that the color of jade is as strong as possible, the greener the better, but is the result really like this?

What is the concentration of jadeite jade

It refers to the saturation degree of the jade color or the depth of the color. The concentration of the jade color is 70%~80%. Because the color saturation of this jade is in this range, the light transmission is the best and will not make the jade. The texture received an impact. When a jade color reaches the top level, it does not mean that the color saturation of this jadeite reaches 100%, it only reaches 70%~80%. For example, a famous species in the jade, “Tielongsheng”, its color is too strong, green is overdone, it can never become a high-grade jade.

Factors affecting the concentration of jadeite jade

Thickness: The thickness of jadeite affects the light transmission of jadeite. The higher the thickness of jadeite, the less easy it is to transmit light. Some jadeites appear to be rich in color, in addition to their own high color concentration, it is also caused by the high thickness of jadeite.

Structure: The finer the structure of the jade, the better the color distribution, the better the light transmission, the more uniform the color, so the top jade is all good.

Environment: The most intuitive reflection of the environment on the concentration of jadeite is light, the environment is brighter, the light is sufficient, the light transmittance of jade is better, the color concentration looks lighter, the light is weaker, and the color concentration of the whole jadeite is seen. It will be richer.

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