How To Judge The Pros And Cons Of Jadeite Jade Color


Jadeite jade began to flow into China, and it is loved by deep audiences. Whether it is the elderly or young people, collectors or people who buy and wear them are all fascinated by the mystery of jade. How do you judge the pros and cons of jade color? Let’s take a look with JOJO!

Jade is loved and praised by people at home and abroad for its unique texture and cultural charm. The beauty of jade is intrinsic, subtle, and noble. It seems that it is born with a unique aristocratic atmosphere that is fascinating. But when people like jade, will they also discuss issues such as jadeite, water, color, etc?

When observing the color of jadeite, people usually take the color seen in natural sunlight, because under the fluorescent lamp, that is, under the yellow light, the color of the jade will be lighter, so the color of the jade will be worse. Generally, people observe that jade is subject to the noon sunshine. People have long observed the emerald to get four points about color: thick, positive, positive, and even.

1. Concentration refers to the saturation of the color. It is also the depth of color. Generally speaking, the color is called the color is older, the light color is called the color is too tender. People who don’t know the jade are more old and more valuable. In fact, it is not necessarily the same age. Color preferences are different, young people prefer lighter colors, and older people prefer darker colors.

2. Yang refers to the degree of brightness. The same color can have different brightness levels. This is what we usually say is that the emerald color is very bright or the color of this jade is a bit dark. After observing the depth of the jade color, we must look at its bright brightness, because the bright brightness is the most important factor that constitutes the beauty of the jade color, so the brighter the emerald color, the higher the value.

3, it refers to the purity of the color. When observing that jade does not see the color of other colors, it is the purest color – pure green, the most beautiful green in other conditions, and the highest value.

4. Uniformity refers to the uniformity of the color distribution of jadeite. Since jadeite is composed of countless tiny crystals, the color of jadeite is difficult to be uniform. Unevenness is the characteristic of jade color. The higher the uniformity of jade, the more green, the higher the value.

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