How To Identify The True And False Of The Jade Pendant


Nowadays, jade on the market are exquisite and many friends also like it very much. But, do you really know jade? Today, we will start from the basics teaching you how to identify the true and false of the jade pendant, let’s take a look at JOJO!

The first step is to look at the colors. Simply put, color is a crucial part of judging the true and false of a jade pendant. The jade color with excellent quality is natural, comfortable and has a more obvious layering. In contrast, if it is a dyed fake jade, the color is unnatural and there is no color root.

The second step is to look at the structure. In addition to color, texture and structure are also very important, the excellent jade pendant structure is obviously fine, and the texture is hard and delicate, otherwise it is impossible to synthesize it.

The third step is to look at the gloss. The so-called luster, which is the fluorescent nature of the jade pendant in your hand. In general, gloss is an important indicator of judging the true and false of jade. For now, only Jade B goods are fluorescent.

In the fourth step, we can also judge the true and false of jade by scientific experiment according to the refractive index or physical density of the jade pendant itself. Although these methods are more cumbersome, the answers they get are more accurate.

The above four steps are the tips for how to identify the true and false jade pendants that we want to share with you today. If you or a friend around you need it or is preparing to buy an jade pendant

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