What Are The Tips Of Crystal Collection?


With the popularity of the art market and the ups and downs of the gold market in recent years, in addition to gold, platinum and other precious metals, jade jade, natural crystal as a new collection, gradually entered the people’s sight. Crystal not only has its own high quality and sophisticated production process, but its appreciation and collection potential can not be ignored.

The first is the antique crystal collection that is older. Antique crystals are generally difficult to find. Crystal products like the Stone Age have basically become rare treasures, but they are difficult to identify and expensive. Therefore, the risk of collection is relatively large.

Followed by the crystal rough. Crystal rough stone has a certain collection value, and it is relatively simple to collect. Generally, it can be collected as long as it has some characteristics or advantages in terms of shape, color, pattern, inclusion, purity and even size.

The third is crystal crafts. Seek its value from crystal varieties, textures, flaws, and craftsmanship. If a piece of perfect crystal material is carefully crafted by famous artists, the artistic value, appreciation and collection value of this handicraft will be quite high.

Due to the popularity of natural crystals, some manufacturers are driven by commercial interests. Hydrothermal method is used to produce artificial crystals with transparency similar to natural crystals under high temperature and high pressure. Even ordinary glass and leaded glass are used to make the real thing difficult. The difference between artificial crystal and natural crystal is very small.

In the identification, optical instruments such as magnifiers and polarizers are generally used. The natural crystal is transparent like water and has a distinct cool feeling. The crystal inclusions are solid and liquid, while the artificial crystal is white in color, only slightly cool, and the crystal inclusions are needle-like or breadcrumbs. Bubbles or impurities.

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