Sapphire Selection Skills


Sapphire is one of the five precious stones, and the cool and mysterious blue of sapphire is loved by many nobles. How to choose sapphire? Although sapphire is often heard in life, there are not many people who have actually purchased sapphire. What are the selection techniques for sapphire? Let’s take a look at JOJO!

Sapphire selection skills

How to choose sapphire? Most people want to buy a pure gem, but in the GIA gem net%, sapphire belongs to class I2, which means that sapphire is not as clean as topaz and aquamarine. Most of the sapphire contains impurities. Although there are impurities, it is usually acceptable if the impurities are not visible on the table. After all, the gemstones are naturally formed, and the inner inclusions are also one of its characteristics. When selecting a gemstone, if the color is up to standard, the gemstone with good clarity is selected as much as possible, and the tiny impurities are acceptable without affecting the overall quality of the gemstone.

As a colored gemstone, nature is the king of color. If the color is not good, even if the clarity is high, the cutting is good, it is not a high-quality gem. How to choose sapphire? Generally speaking, in a sapphire price system, color accounts for more than 70% of the value. So when you choose a sapphire, you must first look at its color. The color is mainly composed of three elements of hue, saturation and lightness.

From the point of view of color, a jewel must be pure in color, red is red, if it is pink, purple is color cast, and the gems will be much lower in price. In terms of saturation, the natural color is as strong as possible, and in terms of brightness, it is moderate. Many friends bought royal blue, and then indoors like royal black, in fact, the brightness of the gem is too dark. China’s Shandong produces a large number of sapphire, why it is not popular in the international market, because the sapphire produced in Shandong rarely has pure blue, almost all cyan or black.

How to choose sapphire? In fact, the process of selecting sapphire and the process of selecting the diamond ring are also very similar. The price of good quality sapphire is not low. In addition to the sapphire’s clarity and color, sapphire’s selection skills are also important.

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