Four Factors Affecting The Price Of Sapphire


The quiet and elegant sapphire is a woman’s temperament gemstone. The sapphire mysterious and charming blue is a gem with natural melancholy temperament. It is also a gem that is loved by women. What are the four factors that affect the price of sapphire? In fact, sapphire and diamond, the price is mainly affected by four factors such as color, cut, clarity, weight, etc., let’s learn about it with JOJO!

Four factors affecting the price of sapphire

Sapphire Clarity: Natural sapphire has more or less internal, large or small, containing some impurities or flaws, which also have a lot of impact on quality. The quality of the sapphire contains little or no obvious impurities inside. Consumers can observe the sapphire and observe the impurities inside. The value of the impurity is determined according to the size of the impurity.

Sapphire color: The color of sapphire is mainly divided into pure blue, milk blue, black blue, purple blue and green blue, and the quality sapphire is not green, and the price of high quality sapphire is of course It will be much higher, and consumers can use this feature to distinguish the price of sapphire.

Sapphire weight: In the case of the above three qualities, the heavier sapphire will of course be more expensive. Like diamonds, the quality of sapphire above 1 carat will be higher, so consumers are choosing When sapphire is used, you can choose the right sapphire according to your own requirements.

Sapphire cut: Diamond cut is the only factor that affects the price of diamonds, and sapphire is the same. The quality of cuts directly affects the color, fire and texture of sapphire. The finished sapphire has a stunning appearance, just like diamonds. It can exude a fascinating fire, so its price will be relatively high.

The four factors that affect the price of sapphire are color, cut, clarity, and weight. Among the four factors, only the cut is artificially determined. If you think that sapphire is too monotonous, consider customizing a sapphire and diamond with inlaid jewelry.

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