Five Indicators To Identify Pearl Quality


Diamonds have 4C standards. The quality of pearls can also be evaluated according to the size, luster, surface flaw, shape and color of pearls. If you master these five points, you can become a master of knowledge. Let’s take a look at it with JOJO.
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Diamonds have 4C standards. The quality of pearls can also be evaluated according to the size, luster, surface flaw, shape and color of pearls. If you master these five points, you can become a master of knowledge. Let’s take a look at it with JOJO.


The size of the pearl is one of the most important factors affecting the price. The larger the size of the pearl, the harder the process of birth and the higher the value. The average diameter of cultured pearls is mostly concentrated at 2-10mm, generally more than 8mm pearls. For every 0.25mm, the price will double. The so-called “seven-point bead eight-point treasure” refers to the eight-point weight of the pearl is already a treasure. In general, the value of seawater pearls is generally greater than that of freshwater pearls. The big pearls look graceful, the medium pearls look crystal clear, and the small pearls are light and moving. When choosing pearls, besides considering the size, you should choose other factors to choose your favorite.


Pearls attract the world with its soft and elegant pearl luster. What is the difference between lustrous pearls and stones? Gloss has a significant impact on the aesthetics and price of the pearl. High-quality pearls give people a striking jewel, but they are not glaring, but rather a feeling of affinity and calmness. The light reflected from it is not rigid, but rich and varied, changing different angles. You can see the subtle changes in it. The luster of the pearl is related to the thickness of the bead layer. Generally, if the thickness of the bead layer is sufficient, the luster of the pearl is relatively saturated. The thickness of the bead layer of the seawater pearl is higher than that of the shallow water bead, and the gloss is naturally stronger than the shallow water bead. For the bright pearl, if you can see the hazelnut in your eyes in the image of the mirror, it means that the pearl has a good luster.


Due to the environmental and the health of the mother-of-pearl, the vast majority of the pearl surface has varying degrees of flaws. As long as these flaws are not very obvious or hidden in hidden places such as inlays, they have little effect on aesthetics and price. The more bubbles on the surface of the pearl, the smoother the texture (similar to water ripples), the less the flaw, the better the quality of the pearl.


In the process of growing pearls, not only the natural conditions of the outside world, but also the type and size of the mother-of-pearl, so the shape is varied and varied, and the value of pearls of different shapes is also very different. Pearls generally have the shape of a circle, an ellipse, a drop shape, a shape, and the like. The round pearl represents the peak of the shape quality, and the more round the better, the ancient saying has the saying of “beads and jade”. However, the oval and teardrop-shaped pearls are also very difficult to obtain, and the shaped pearls are not of high value, but the shaped crafts carefully designed by the craftsmen also have high ornamental value, and will never find the same one. of.


The color of the pearl is composed of a body color and a faintly visible light color that permeates the entire body color, including white, pink, yellow, gold, red, purple, blue, blue, gray, black, etc. multiple colour. Generally, the white powder is the best, commonly known as “drunk beauty”; blue and black with metallic luster is the best, very white pearl, golden yellow Nanyang beads are also treasures. In particular, the natural black pearl is not pure black, but a dark blue black with a rainbow color, or a black with a bronze color. If it is a distinct black or gray pearl, it may be a dyed bead. Pay special attention to it. When considering the color of pearls at the time of purchase, in addition to the principle that the objects are rare, the selection of other color pearls is mainly influenced by the traditional culture of different regions. You can choose the color you like. Vibrant white pearls with vitality, golden yellow pearls with royal rich colors, pink pearls with romantic colors, etc. There is always something you like.

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