What style of jade jewelry to choose to give as gift?


What style of jade jewelry to choose to give as gift?

“In view of endless wonders, possession of the priceless” which is the high appraisal of jade jewelry. Since ancient times, people give high reputation of jade. China is a country respecting jade jewelry greatly, From the ancient times, jade jewelry is treated as a symbol of good fortune, of avoiding evil spirits.it’s the sign of auspicious,so it’s taken for granted chosen as the gift on traditional festivals.With the profound culture and rich auspicious meaning,it’s the first gift choice on various festivals or other festive time.

Different people you can choose different jade jewelry to show different meaning

To send to girlfriend

You can send jade bracelets,beautiful flower pieces or lovesick button,etc to show your love.

To send to boyfriend

You can send Hand-piece, Waist pendant,Pixiu,etc Of course you can also select lovers pair jade jewelry such as the dragon and phoenix plate, double happiness plate, and even heart lock, happy pendants, mandarin ducks plate and so on.

To send to elders

Traditional craftsmanship, simple shape of jade jewelry is appropriate to be sent as gift to the elders like bracelets, flower parts, especially the symbol of longevity of the gourd, peach, Fu beans, and other modeling. Guanyin and Buddha pendant are also optional.Jadeite jewelry should be emerald green and own delicate species of water which symbolize the old man deep, open-minded. The bracelet should own large circle to facilitate the wearing of bracelet.

To send to young people

Young people always walk in front of fashion.so it’s a good choice to choose exaggerated design jadeite jewelry or gold inlaid jade jewelry. Bangles, gold inlaid pendants,Ruyi pendants etc are good to be sent to female.White,lavender and green color is good to show dignity and fashion elements.To send to male,rising smoothly pendants,Pixiu,Bamboo Joint etc to symbol auspicious careers and good fortune, the color should be strong positive or pretty color, jade material should be huge and complete.

To send to children

Child own lively, delicate skin,so simple carving, no angular design is suitable for them. Safe button,born tag, motherchild pendant to symbol health,safe and grow well.The color should be positive and the texture should be fine to own one good transparency.Of course,the weight should not be that heavy.

Besides the design of jade jewelry,you should also consider the theme of jade jewelry you want. Jade jewelry is famous for its various different morals which is the essence of jade culture.The following morals are handed down for more than seven thousands.

Carving lotus leaf and one fish to show the meaning of “Surplus Every Year”carving bat and money to show the meaning of “Happiness ahead”,carving gourd to show the meaning of “Blessing”,etc which use the homophonic to show the moral.For example, fish is the partial tone of “yu” in Chinese word to show the meaning of “Surplus”

Just remember one point, every jade jewelry have one theme in it,but the theme must be auspicious,so what you own is not just one jade jewelry,but good wishes go along with you all the time.

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