Some jade bangle knowledge you should know


Some jade bangle knowledge you should know

Jade bangle is one of the most basic wristlet since the ancient times. Jade bangle entered people’s lives as early as the Neolithic era, but different periods own different jade bangle patterns..During Dawenkou culture the jade bangle is square outside and round inside. The jade bangle is flat circle for the Spring and Autumn Period, Tang Dynasty jade bangleinlaid with gold come out.From Song Dynasty,the jade bangle is internal flat outside round.,light elements without pattern, Ming and Qing Dynasty the jade bangle is often decorated, such as joint-bead pattern, rope pattern, bamboo pattern and so on.Now the jade bangle patten is can choose many different pattern to cater to your taste.
long-term wearring jade jewelry is very useful to the your body. From medical point of view, jadecontains many trace elements which are beneficial to humans, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium, manganese, cobalt,etc. wearing jade can produce a special “photoelectric effect” to store energy and then resonate with human body to promote a more coordinated functioning of various physiological functions. As people dorsal wrist a “pension points”, so the long-term wearring jade bangle can be a long-term healthy massage to your body, not only wipe out the elderly blurred vision of the illness, but can build strength, raise spirit, have a clear role in the treatment of health care.

The tips of selecting jade bangle

When you select the jade bangle jewelry, the first is to carefully observe whether there is cracks in the bangle, it is necessary to check the front side,back side,inside and outside to be sure no cracks in the bangle.cracks are serious fatal injuries for the jade bangle jewelry.
The second is to pay attention to whether the shape of the bracelet is very round,whether the thickness is uniform diameter,whether the polishing is good enough to enjoy the jade jewelry lustre.
The third to note that whether the mouth size of the jade bangle is appropriate for you to see one appropriate jade bangle is good for you to enjoy the jade jewelry.
Finally, a good bracelet should own quality and color.Quality refers to the jade hand feel.the jade bangles which have the soft and fine feeling own good jade quality.The color refers to fresh and waterful color which will make you love it at the first side.The jade bangle have good quality and color are really good jade bangle jewelry.

In general, we should keep in mind the following formulas:

Check Cracks–Flawless and fine carving jade bangle are good jade bangle jewelry.
Find approprate size jadeite jade bangle.
Find the jade bangle that own good quality and color.
You will sure find good jade bangle jewelry if you do the above suggestions.

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