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Wonderful Hetian Jade Pendant To Choose

Wonderful Hetian Jade Pendant To Choose

Wonderful Hetian Jade Pendant To Choose


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More Information About This Charming Jade Jewelry
[Quality] Grade A Jadeite
[Quantity] Only One
This Jewelry is: 

Some Description of Jadeite Jade Jewelry

Jadeite jade is famous for its color.Its shining color make it the jade star when it is found.People want to wear it to show the fashion element and noble character. It own good transparency,especially the glass type jadeite jade which is the best jadeite jade quality.The glass type jadeite jade look like all water inside the jade jewelry.together with the green color or other color looks like the color nearly droping down inside the jade jewelry which is why people love jadeite jade jewelry,especially the jadeite jade with great transparency to enjoy the shining color.

Like best nephrite come from China,Best jadeite jade come from Burma and the jadeite jade resource is short now as it is exploited so many years,precious jadeite material is hard to find now,high-level jadeite jade and hetian jade is priceless which is hard to evaluate by money.Own one of both that kind of valuable quality is one lucky thing.

Nowadays,Jadeite jade is alway bought to send to one who you love to show your sincere love. send to friends to show your sincere friendship.shend to family to show your pure good wishes.

Jadeite jade is widely kept by the collector to invest for the priceless value in the future,cos the true precious jadeite jade jewelry is hard to find now.When the jadeite jade resource dry up,then best jadeite jade jewelry value we can't imagine.

Do not hesitate to own this great jadeite jade pendant,it's not only own good style and design,but also own great jade quality. Its value will increase swiftly as the time passes by. 

Have any other question or Want to own this precious jadeite jade ,just Contact Us Now! 





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Real Natural Grade A Quality Guaranteed

All jade jewelry from JOJO are real natural grade A jade jewelry.No teated,dyed or faked jade jewelry can be found from JOJO Jewelry. We provide government certificate for all of our jade jewelry and support any reinspection from your local test office. We will bear 10 times compensation if any jade jewelry from us is not real natural grade A jade jewelry checked by our local authorized office.

There are lots of not grade A jade jewelry in the market which make people don't know how to identify whether the jade jewelry they get are real natural grade A jade jewelry. The easiest way is require government certificate when you buy jade jewelry. Reputable jade shop will provide government certificate to you directly to prove their jade quality. Government certificate is issued from government office so they will bear all the responsibility if the certificate own problem. You can also reinspect your jade jewelry from your local test office if you are still not sure about your jade jewelry. 


Be Caution:


1,Never believe one very charming and precious jade jewelry sell very low price.One very clean own full green color jade pendant sell below 100 USD do you believe that?

2,Do be careful when you choose green color jadeite jade because many dyed color is green color which is the most valuable color for jadeite jade jewelry. Full green with very clean texture that kind jade material is very short so its price is very high.





When you plan to buy one bangle,then you have to know your appropriate bangle size first, the following way can measure your bangle size exactly.

First, let your thumb reach your little finger bottom as the picture below.

Second, use a fine line measure the hand’s most widest part as the picture below.

Third, use the ruler measure the fine line’s perimeter like the follow picture.

Fourth, convert the perimeter to the bangle size as the following conversion data.

Line Length: 6-9 cm. Bangle Inner Diameter: 4-4.5 cm
Line Length: 10-13 cm. Bangle Inner Diameter: 4.6-4.8 cm
Line Length: 13-15 cm. Bangle Inner Diameter: 4.9-5.1 cm
Line Length: 16-19 cm. Bangle Inner Diameter: 5.2-5.4 cm
Line Length: 20-22 cm. Bangle Inner Diameter: 5.5-5.7 cm
Line Length: 23-25 cm. Bangle Inner Diameter: 5.8-6.1 cm
Line Length: 26-28 cm. Bangle Inner Diameter: 6.2-6.5 cm

Lastly,just wear out jade serendipity bangle now,enjoy the bangle luster rotate like the moonshine.

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