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Why jade jewelry are kept to escape inflation?

Why precious jade jewelry are treated as family heirloom?
hetian jade pendant
Natural Grade A Jade-
Ice Type Jade Ruyi Pendant
[Jade Number] lm7
[Size] 42.5x27.0x6.3 (mm)
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jade jewelry faq

hetian jade pendant
Natural Grade A Jade-
Ice Deep Green Jade Buddha
[Jade Number] mb7
[Size]38x25x8.2 (mm)
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Why you should choose our jade jewelry
hetian jade jewelry
Our materials are all bought from the jade jewelry area of origin.The materials are original not the one that cut down by others.We will choose the best material from the original stone to design the fashion items.You will see from the left picture that how the first cutted jade looks and which one will be retrieved from the original stone to create jade ornament.As you see,jade jewelry is one spiritual jewelry(visit jade significant to know more).You will find that the jade jewelry item in your hand are the great material made to bring lucky and happiness for you and the ones you love.
Real Chinese jade jewelry and great jade material are our whole advantage

jadeite jade jewelry
We are located in Shifusi,where is the biggest Chinese jade jewelry wholesale market and also the biggest jade production market.Many jade jewelry trader and jade jewelry article producer will come here to do trade,why so many people come here do the jade trade?Because it has great designers to create precious jade item which can have great price,many item own high awards.Many designer of us are from that place,Many of them are engaged in the jade jewelry carving from young age,they have energy and enthusiasm for jade making because jade beauty appeal to them so deep.
So have no doubt about our designers,their energy prove all!
chinese jade jewelry
As you see from the above,we have great designers,they don't just plug in jade carving with energy,but with the effort for creativity.They always sit together to talk about the jade technology, design trend and what better significant the jade jewelry can express.Big jade article must has its meaning,great designers of us together will create great jade jewelry for you.
Look at the left picture to see what the significant it shows.
You will see jade carving is not just technology process but the process of life showing.

chinese jade jewelry
As you all know,we are all different so that we all have different requirement and appreciation standard for beauty.In order for you to get your required jewelry,we provide customized jewelry service,you can let us know your requirement,then we will design the jewelry to you for reference,if it achieve your requirement,then we will create the unique jewelry for you.If not,then we will modify it to achieve your final satisfaction.
jadeite jade jewelry
In order to prove the quality of our jade jewelry,we will provide Bilingual Certification (Chinese, English) to you to solve any apprehensions you will have about our jade jewelry.The certification is issued from the authority of our country which you can rest assure about it.

You will know many information like the material,size,color,etc which will enhance your feeling of satisfaction and be more condident in wearring the jade jewelry to show your dignity and charming.

Good jade jewelry bring you not just beauty but the attitude about life.You will read out many things from jade jewelry because jade jewelry is the essence of human's millions evolution.

You can visit our hetian jade and jadeite jade to enjoy the beauty of jade.You can also visit our master's work to enjoy the art of jade jewelry.Have a good time at our site and contact us anytime to enquiry about your question.
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