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Why jade jewelry are kept to escape inflation?

Why precious jade jewelry are treated as family heirloom?
hetian jade pendant
Natural Grade A Jade-
Ice Type Jade Ruyi Pendant
[Jade Number] lm7
[Size] 42.5x27.0x6.3 (mm)
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hetian jade pendant
Natural Grade A Jade-
Ice Deep Green Jade Buddha
[Jade Number] mb7
[Size]38x25x8.2 (mm)
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White Jade Bangle
[Jade Number] hh149
[Size] 56.8x13.8x7.8(mm)
[Quality] Hetian Natural Jade
[Quantity] Only One
[JOJO True Price] 399USD
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[Availability] Enquiry Now
(Please note: All the jade bangle own different inner diameter,just choose your style and jade quality requirement,then measure your size,we will provide your appropriate bangle to you.Different price range bangle are provided from us.)
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Some Description of Hetian Jade Pendant Jewelry

Hetian jade has been used from the ancient time of China.It's one of the four famous jade jewelry in China and it's also most loved jade by emperors,so many people call hetian jade as the "Imperial Jade" which mean it feel so noble to own one true hetian jade.Beijing Olympic game use hetian jade as the gold metal,I think you will feel how valuable it is.

Nowadays,Hetian jade is alway bought to send to one who you love to show your pure love. send to friends to show your pure friendship.shend to family to show your pure good wishes.

Hetian jade is widely kept by the collector to invest for the priceless value in the future,cos the true precious hetian jade jewelry is hard to find now. Do not forget the hetian jade resources have been exploited for more than 5000 Years and will soon dry up.

Do not hesitate to own this great hetian jade pendant,it's not only own good style and design,but also own great jade quality. Its value will increase swiftly as the time passes by. Talk to our Sales by right free on-line talking system to Own it Now!

Have any other question or Want to own this precious hetian jade pendant ,just Contact Us Now!

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4, If your loved jewelry is not available,then we will recommend similar jade jewelry style for your reference or customise your jewlery if you want.

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