jade jewelry

Jadeite Jade

Brilliant Glass Lustre Make Jadeite Jade Jewelry One Unique Jewelry

All of JOJO jadeite jade come from Burma directly which is what customers call Burmese jadeite jade. As customers know Burmese jadeite jade own the best quality jadeite jade which is the reason why we only use Burmese jadeite jade to carve our jadeite jade jewelry.

Jadeite jade material value is decided by its color, texture,transparency,clarity and size. Its finished jade jewelry value is not just decided by its jadeite jade material quality but its carving technique too which is the reason why similar quality jade jewelry can own very different value because of their big carving technique difference. Great carving technique can make jade jewelry very vivid and seems like life exist in jade jewelry. So pay more attention on our jadeite jade knowledge to learn different jadeite jade value.

Hetian Jade

As the best nephrite jade,hetian jade is famous for its oil lustre

Hetian jade is loved by Chinese people for than 5000 years and hetian jade create its own jade culture as time pass by.

When we choose hetian jade, we should pay high attention on its color and texture.Hetian jade is not like Burma jadeite jade which always own different color on one jade jewelry,hetian jade always own one color or two color on one jade jewelry which give people quite smooth feeling if its texture is very fine. That’s the reason why Chinese people love hetian jade so much.

The more you learn hetian jade the more you will love it.

hetian jade

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