The Five Meanings Of The Jade Gourd


As one of the oldest mascots of the Chinese nation, the gourd
is loved by people as one very important jade jewelry pendant design.

Jade carving artists use the actual plant hoist as a sample to carry out innovative design, with a single gourd, but also with vines around the gourd, or with the wishfulness, etc., made into pendants, earrings, bracelets and other styles. Jade jewelry.
Implied meaning

The jade gourd has a long history and rich meaning. Wearing jade gourd can make people thrive, harvest a bumper harvest, and prosperous and prosperous.

Fulu – Jade gourd homophonic Emerald Fulu, ancient times refers to high officials and thick, now more refers to the prosperity of careers. The jade gourd symbolizes the Fulu double, protects the people’s happiness and auspiciousness, adds officials to the prince, and the financial resources are rolling.

Knowledge and measurement – the shape of the gourd is small, the measurement is large, the roundness is full, and the meaning is that people learn to be rich in five cars and are super-human.

Ask for a child – mature gourd son, and gourd vines homophonic million, meaning children and generations, more sons and more blessings. In ancient times, there was a saying that “send me a melon to ask for a child” and thought that sending a gourd to a newlywed couple would enable them to get a child as soon as possible, and more children would be more blessed and their children would prosper.

Evil spirits – Hulu can absorb the essence of all things in the heavens and the earth, is quite spiritual, and is a sacred object of Taoism and Buddhism. It can exorcise evils and avoid disasters, protect people’s peace, and make people live long and healthy.

Husband and wife – jade gourd shape is round and full, wearing jade gourd can promote the husband and wife, happy marriage. Hanging the jade gourd on the bedside of the couple, the effect is very good, and the feelings will be deepened.

Cultural origin
For thousands of years, the cultural origins of the jade gourd are closely related to the gourd. They are always accompanied by myths, heroes and customs.

In short, the cultural origin of the jade gourd has gone through the test of years, enduring for a long time, protecting people’s good fortune, longevity and well-being, prosperous grandchildren, and Fulu.