Jade Gourd – Giving You A Natural And Unique Beauty


Jade gourd pendant is a popular accessory in jade jewelry. Its round and full appearance has won the love of many people. As an important product of the gourd culture, the jade gourd occupies an important position in the hearts of the Chinese.

A small jade gourd pendant not only highlights the beautiful texture and beautiful color of the jade, it is more like a treasure without limit, deeper than the sea, wider than the sky, and contains all the beautiful things in the world. Knowledge, kindness, hope… Accumulate in people’s prayers and store them in a small emerald gourd to help people retain the best things and accumulate storage for a long time.

In traditional jade jewelry objects
It’s a very nice look.
So even if we are very fashionable and like to break through, even slightly rebellious
But it is also difficult to give up the love of the gourd
Emerald is rich and auspicious
Emerald gourd is one of the treasures

This green embellished jade gourd is not very big, but the quality of jade is very good.
That intoxicating green, watery, such as Yaochi condensation
18k white gold diamond inlay, sparkling diamond embellishment, white and green contrast, a weighty sense of luxury
Very dazzling, the light of jade and diamonds, in the flow of eyes, light up the style
The beauty of the United States is very lining the skin, the long line of the ear can also lengthen the length of the face and neck, a good face modification
Wearing the whole body looks simple, capable, but reveals the luxury
The emerald gourd Fulu’s long-lasting kindness is more personal.
Imagine how you wear it, as if it were music flowing in the ear.
People want to listen more, how wonderful