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Jadeite Jade Ring Appreciation

jadeite jade ring

Green Jade Ring

Unique Design Jadeite Jade Ring With Diamond Inlaid On It To Own Noble Result

Jadeite Jade Bangle Appreciation

jadeite jade bangle

Jadeite Jade Bangle

Full Lavender Color Jadeite Jade Bangle To Show Special Rare Value

Jadeite Jade Pendant Appreciation

jadeite jade pendant

High Ice Jade Pendant

High Ice Safe Button Jadeite Jade Pendant With Scattered Cotton In It

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The Reasons You Choose Us

JOJO devote our heart and soul to providing real natural jewelry to let our customers enjoy natural beauty. As one big jade jewelry manufacturer we not only guarantee our jade jewelry quality but provide high price performance jade jewelry to let more and more customers enjoy jade jewelry unique beauty

Various Color Jade Bangles

Thousands of different color jade bangles are carved out every month to meet your different color jade bangle requirement.You sure can get your loved color jade bangle from JOJO.

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Unique Jade Pendant

JOJO own many professional jade jewelry carver who carve out so many unique design jade pendants.The vivid design jade pendants bring you special feeling. JOJO can customize any design jade pendant you want.

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Noble Jade Ring

Diamond and Jade are best match for jade rings which show great wearing result.We not only provide jade ring made only by jade jewelry but also provide any design diamond inlaid jade rings to get unique jade ring.

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Quality Guaranteed

All JOJO's jadeite jade jewelry come from Burma and we provide government certificate for all of our jade jewelry to prove their grade A quality.We support re-inspection from your local test office to prove our jade jewelry quality.

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Worry-Free Buying

No question return and refund service to be sure there is no risk buying from JOJO.10 times compensation to our customers if the jade jewelry is not real natural grade A quality jade jewelry from JOJO.

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Customization Service

Just contact us in case you want unique jade jewelry no matter whether it's jadeite jade or hetian jade then we can provide what you want. Our so many professional jade jewelry carvers make us so difference compared with other jade suppliers.

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